Warframe Kuva Lich Hunting Guide 2021

Last Updated on October 16, 2022

The Kuva Lich is an enemy in Warframe introduced in Update 26 — The Old Blood Update. These Grinner soldiers are tough to encounter and even tougher to kill. Only Tenno is capable of dealing the final blow as long as they’re equipped with a shiny new weapon, the Parazon.

This guide will touch on everything you need to know about the Kuva Lich — from where to find it to the spoils you obtain from defeating this this Grinner adversary.

What are the Kuva Lich types?

The Warframe that defeated the Kuva Lich will dictate your newly-attained Kuva Lich weapon’s elemental damage bonus. Additionally, your Lich’s Ephemera type is also dictated by your Warframe, though it only appears on about 10%. Moreover, your Warframe will also affect the Kuva Lich’s ability kit.

ElementProgenitor Warframe

Where to Find A Kuva Lich?

Kuva Lich can spawn when you kill a Kuva Larvaling with the Parazon on a Level 20 (or higher) Grinner mission

Then, where to find a Kuva Larvaling? On your respective Grinner mission, you’ll come across a red waypoint. That’s your cue that a Kuva Larvaling is nearby. Follow it, then you’ll find the Kuva Larvaling. Kill it and it’ll immediately turn into a Kuva Lich.

You will be able to determine what type of Kuva Lich will spawn based on the Kuva Larvling. So if you don’t want to spawn a Kuva Lich of an undesirable type (as you can’t get rid of it once you obtain it), avoid killing the Kuva Larvaling and redo the mission until successful.

If you do decide to kill the Kuva Larvaling, you will get your unique Kuva Lich on your ship. It will start to talk to you — and each Lich has its own name, stats, and weapons.

How to Fight the Kuva Lich?

In order to fight the Kuva Lich, you have to wear them down. You do this by completing missions in Nodes with Lich influence and destroying their Thralls with the Parazon gun. 

Once you destroy the Thralls, you’ll receive clues on the correct Requiem mod order that you’ll need to kill your Lich. This Lich will come with distinct resistances and immunities that randomly generate in your game.

To find the Kuva Lich: At your Nightwave button, you will see an icon that indicates that a Lich is running after you. This icon can be found in your Menu and Navigations screens. In this button, you’ll see new details of your Lich’s level, the number of Requiem mod attempts allowable, and more.

Kuva Influence is also something to bear in mind; it’s seen as a red cloud in your Navigation menu. Once you click to view the menu, you will see where the red cloud is spreading over. 

The Nodes in the cloud will spread over and the Kuva Lich will deplete your loot. This process is called a “Reward Tax” in-game. But once you defeat the Kuva Lich, it’ll return to you.

How to Kill the Kuva Lich?

Only one Kuva Lich spawns at a time, so you have to kill it before you can find a new one. You will need Requiem mods set in the correct order to give the finishing blow. Only you can kill the Lich — and if you don’t do it right the first time, they’ll come back more powerful for the next time around.

Acquiring the Requiem mods is the most difficult part unless you decide to trade for them. To figure out the right combination, you need to kill Lich’s Thralls in the special missions presented to you. Fight and defeat these Thralls, and once their respective red symbol hovers above them, use the Secret Mercy Finisher on them.

By doing that, you’ll receive a “Requiem Murmur”. You’ll have to do this eight times (for every 8 mods) and eventually, they’ll reveal the secret selection of mods you’ll need to defeat your Lich. Figuring out the order is also necessary. 

Moreover, you can choose between acquiring all the murmurs or doing a trial and error and repeat battles when the Kuva Lich is in your missions.

Once you deal the final blow on the Lich battle with your Parazon, you’ll gain the option to kill the Lich or convert it on your side. Killing it will give you a special weapon while converting it can make it appear in fights beside you. Note that you can only have a single Lich with you at a time.

Kuva Lich Weapon Drops

Once you’ve defeated the Kuva Lich, you’ll randomly receive a drop. This weapon will also come with a 25-60% increase in base damage in an elemental stat. Here are the drops:

  • Primary: Kuva Drakgoon, Kuva Karak, Kuva Kohm, Kuva Hind, Kuva Quartakk, Kuva Tonkor, Kuva Bramma, Kuva Ogris, Kuva Chakkhurr
  • Secondary: Kuva Brakk, Kuva Nukor, Kuva Seer, Kuva Kraken, Kuva Twin Stubbas
  • Melee: Kuva Shildeg
  • Archgun: Kuva Ayanga

These weapons come in custom stats and variants that depend on your unique Lich.

Requiem Mods

The Requiem mods are a type of Parazon mod. They are enigmatic fragments that complete a part of the Requiem Sequence. The mod’s number can be determined by the number of lit red glows on the icon of the mod. 

These are the mods you have to watch out for:

  • Lohk (Void)
  • Xata (Truth)
  • Jahu (Form)
  • Vome (Order)
  • Ris (Light)
  • Fass (Chaos)
  • Netra (Decay)
  • Khra (Time)

Additionally, you can find these mods through trading with other players.
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