Warframe Quests

Warframe has many quests, some are mandatory for the lore, some are not. Some quests such as Vor’s Prize are quests that every new player has to complete in order to progress in the game. Several of the junctions in the game require some quests to completed in order to allow access to it, whereas some of the junctions award quests on completion. 

Some of the optional quests that don’t block progress are Howl of the Kubrow and Hidden Messages.

Vor’s Prize Quest

Vor’s Prize is one of the first quests that is offered to the Tenno when the game is opened up. The quest is designed by DE to guide new players through the game so that they can become familiar with the system in place.

In this quest, players are given the choice to choose what Warframe they want to progress with, the choices include Excalibur, Volt and Mag. This quest was introduced in Update 14.0 with the introduction of Mirage.

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Howl of The Kubrow

Howl of The Kubrow is an optional quest just like Hidden messages that tasks players to obtain equipment necessary to craft their personal pet using the Kubrow segment located in their Orbiter.

This quest was also introduced in the Update 14.0. Upon starting the quest the player will receive a message in their inbox providing information regarding the lore of what the Corpus were doing with the Incubation module.

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Once Awake

Once Awake is one of the main storyline quests, this quest introduces players to the infested faction in the game. The players are given a task to complete Grineer Spy Mission on M Prime, Mercury to obtain information.

The quest also introduces the Spy and Defense mode to the players. The quest is unlocked from the Mercury Junction on Venus.

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The Archwing

The Archwing as the name says, this quest was introduced with Update 15.0, the quest aims to introduce the Archwing system to players along with the Orokin Sabotage and Excavation missions. This quest is obtained when the Mars Junction is unlocked.

Upon staring the quest, the Tenno will receive an inbox message with the Odonata Blueprint, for which they have to collect materials to craft.

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