How to Farm Spoils of Conquest in Destiny 2

Last Updated on October 16, 2022

Spoils of Conquest is an incredibly sought-after currency type that you can use to buy Deep Stone Crypt gear, Vault of Glass gear, and other older raid Exotics. 

First introduced in Destiny 2’s Beyond Light expansion, Spoils are very difficult to farm, especially since they no longer repeatedly drop in the Deep Stone Crypts. Not only is it even more challenging now to get rare Exotics, but it could be very frustrating as a completionist to get stuck on collecting these rare Spoils. 

But don’t worry – this is why we’re here! In this guide, you’ll not only learn where to find tons of Spoils of Conquest, but also how to clear the most important encounter quickly.  

How To Get Spoils of Conquest In Destiny 2

Several raids give Spoils of Conquest in the Season of the Splicer. Last Wish, Gardens of Salvation, and Deep Stone Crypts all drop Spoils of Conquest for the first time but give you nothing after the first week you play it. 

Vault of Glass is the only raid you can do to get Spoils on repeated clears even though you don’t get any from the first encounter completions. After the first week, you get 5 Spoils per encounter with no limit to how many times you do it. 

Vault of Glass Raids 

The most efficient way to get Spoils of Conquest is by doing Vault of Glass repeatedly. 

You’d want to play through the first three stages of Vault of Glass with an alternate character that you’re not fighting Templar with. This character will serve as a checkpoint character. Make sure that you’re the Fireteam leader with your checkpoint character since the leader retains the checkpoint. Alternatively, party up with someone who has an alt checkpoint character. 

Once you reach the Templar encounter, swap to the character you want to farm the Templar with and rejoin your Fireteam. 

Kill the first set of three Oracles and have the relic holder take down the Templar’s shield. To maximize your efficiency, make sure to take the Templar down in a single damage phase. Otherwise, Oracles will spawn, and you’d have to fight them alongside the Templar. 

After you collect the spoils, swap back to your checkpoint character and load into the Raid again. 

You should appear at the Templar encounter again with your checkpoint character. Invite your Fireteam, swap to your farming character, rejoin the Fireteam, kill the Templar, and repeat. 

Once you have enough Spoils, you can complete the raid and spend all your Spoils at the node. 

With enough damage, you will be able to get through the Templar stage in about a minute or less. That means, including switch times, you can get 250 Spoils in about an hour!

Team Roles For The Templar Fight

  • Relic holder – the relic holder is one of the most critical roles in the Templar boss fight. After picking up the relic, the player will notice many new actions, like a melee swipe, group slam, shield/cleanse, and a super bar. 
  • Oracle killer – This is an optional role if you have an extra person in your Fireteam since everyone can technically kill the Oracles. Having a designated person to kill the Oracles makes everything a lot easier to kill the Oracles in order. Besides that, the Oracle killer can also hide in cubby holes and use Xenophage to take out the most visible ones. 
  • Everyone else – The rest of the raid group should help clear adds and any Oracles that the assigned player cannot see. 

Tips To Clear Templar Quickly

The Templar casts the Ritual of Negation that kills any marked player, so make sure to clear the Oracles in the order they appear in. You can get rid of the debuff by stepping into the cleansing well (the fountain of light in the middle of the stage).

To extend the DPS stage, get the relic holder to roam around the map and find a red circle indicating where the Templar will teleport. When the relic holder stands in there for a few seconds, the Templar will give up teleporting, effectively extending the DPS stage. 

Minotaurs will appear when you delay your DPS stage. At this point, you either kill the adds or focus your efforts on the Templar. But keep in mind that there will be half a dozen or more minotaur on-screen after two or so teleports, AND the Oracles will spawn again, so make your calls accordingly. 

Another popular strategy is to have the relic holder block the teleports until the Templar moves to a more favourable spot for the Fireteam for complete destruction. You might have to tank a few adds and let a few Rituals of Negation/ Oracle spawns pass, but if you have enough DPS, this might be the ideal way to clear the encounter. 

Best Build To Clear The Templar

You need a lot of DPS to clear The Templar, especially if you want to do it in just one damage phase. 

Anarchy plus the Breach and Clear Artifact mod and the double Slug Shotguns is a popular build since it has one of the highest DPS in the game. You can also amp up the damage by using Heritage and First In, Last Out with the shotgun. 

A Titan bubble with Weapons of Light and Well of Radiance by a Warlock can also deal insane damage while protecting you from ads. Everyone not on bubble and well duty should be using big damage Supers like Thundercrash with Cuirass of the Falling Star, Novabomb, or Golden Sun with Star-Eater Scales. The relic holder can also use Xenophage to snipe the Oracles from hiding spots. 

Can I Farm Spoils of Conquest Solo In Vault Of Glass? 

It is tough to complete the Vault of Glass raid by yourself since there’s so much going on at all times. 

However, it is technically possible to exploit some glitches to reach the first bonus chest beyond the first encounter. Bungie will likely patch it out in the future, but you can also simply clear the first encounter in that case.