Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer: Returning and New Exotics

Last Updated on October 16, 2022

Destiny 2’s latest season, Season of the Splicer, features powerful Exotic weapons that introduce a new flavor of gameplay to your PVP and PVE matches. Just like the other seasons, there are new gameplay elements to the game, more lore to discover, and new gear to wear to defend you against hostile creatures.

For Season of the Splicer, in particular, there’s a modest amount of new weapons to accompany you in your journey. Find the complete list of returning and new Exotic weapons below.

Cryosthesia 77K

The easiest Exotic to unlock this season, the Cryosthesia 77k is an Exotic sidearm that’s first been introduced in the Season of the Splicer. If you have the Season Pass, you get access to this weapon as soon as you boot up your game. If you’ve gone the freemium route (and we don’t blame ya!), you can still get this unique Destiny 2 gun once you reach Rank 35 in the season.

What sets this gun apart from other sidearms is its mode of damage. This little sidearm is one of two sidearms that utilizes Stasis as the main damage type (the other sidearm being Salvation’s Grip). But aside from that, this gun comes with two icy-cool features that are fun to play with too: LN2 Burst and Liquid Cooling. LN2 Burst triggers when you hold and fire a charged shot when Liquid Cooling is active. Liquid Cooling freezes targets when hit, rendering them temporarily immobile, but spends the entire magazine in the process.

Star-Eater Scales Legs – Hunter

The Star-Eater Scales Legs is a Hunter-exclusive Exotic armor that’s introduced in Season 14 of Destiny 2. The armor works as you gain additional Super energy from picking up Orbs of Power around the battlefield. 

While your Super Energy is at max capacity, the Star-Eater Scales Legs armor allows you to exceed that cap when you pick up an Orb of Power. This overcharges your Super – causing your Guardian to receive a burst of healing when cast while also adding Bonus damage to your Super. You also gain an Overshield at maximum overcharge.

Path of Burning Steps Legs – Titan

Exclusive to Titans, the Path of Burning Steps Legs resides in the Exotic Leg armor collection for this Splicer season.

This Exotic gun’s main perk is called Firewalker, which prevents you from being Slowed or Frozen by Stasis. When you break out of those status conditions, you also take zero damage from doing so. When that happens, you also get a burst of energy that surrounds you that acts as a temporary, 10-second long damage buff.

Boots of the Assembler Legs – Warlock

Say hello to The Boots of the Assembler Legs: a Warlock-exclusive Leg Armor introduced in Season 14. These rugged-looking boots come with the unique trait called Blessing of the Order — which makes it so that you summon Noble Seekers when standing on a healing rift. These Noble Seekers seek allies not in a Rift to heal them, which makes these boots great to have in multiplayer sessions.

If you stand on an empowering rift instead, you create a Noble Seeker that gives you and your ally a boost in damage as long as you’re in the circle. For any ally outside the circle, each time a Noble Seeker finds them, the duration of your circle will increase so long that your Guardian stands on it.

Hidden Exotic Weapon – Vex Mythoclast, Fusion Rifle

The sole returning Exotic Weapon in Season of the Splicer — the Vex Mythoclast. Unlike the Cryosthesia, the game doesn’t hand this gun to you from the get-go. Instead, it’s a hidden weapon that randomly (but rarely) drops in the Vault of Glass raid once you defeat the final boss.

This Fusion rifle is one of the best Exotics to return to Destiny 2 once again. Unlike most other Fusion rifles, the Vex Mythoclast doesn’t have a long recharge time. This Fusion rifle gun also more closely resembles an Auto Rifle since it’s capable of sustained fire at 360 RPM. — all while still having the effects of Fusion perks on armor. It also can deal Precision damage, which not many other Fusion rifles can do.

So there you have it! The number of Exotics isn’t always the highest, but that’s what makes them more elusive and rewarding to get. Then once you reach that, maybe you can aim to get Catalysts for the guns too. We hope you have learned more about the Exotics of Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer is available on the PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Stadia.