The newest Warframe, Caliban now out!

Last Updated on October 16, 2022

While most avid fans eagerly anticipate the arrival of the next expansion pack, The New War, developers at Digital Extremes have given hints to their fans of the 48th and latest playable Warframe in the game, Caliban.

Caliban is positioned to wreak havoc throughout the warzone by spreading death using destructive energy infusions and cyclonic devastation.

As a Sentient-Warframe hybrid, the lore behind this character is rich and deeply ingrained with everything in the Origin System.

This Warframe’s origin story started with Sentient leader Erra – who built and engineered this chimeral prototype as a way to harness his kin’s strong offensive powers.

As a result, Caliban came to be, infused with Sentient powers and augmented to be a force of hyper-offensive reckoning.

While deep gameplay has yet to be fully revealed, the abilities of this Warframe have been launched as a video set on Digital Extreme’s official Caliban announcement page.

This gives more than enough information for fans to speculate on potential builds, synergies, and tactics to employ against the hostiles that litter the vast Origin System.

In addition to the videos, they’ve also announced short descriptions of this new Warframe’s abilities, which we’ll promptly detail here:

Warframe Caliban Abilities

Four abilities have been unveiled for this new Warframe—all of which work and synergize together as part of Caliban’s speculated hyper-offensive toolkit.

These abilities are Razor Gyre, Sentient Wrath, Fusion Strike, and Lethal Progeny.

Razor Gyre

Transform into a death vortex. To increase the maelstrom’s damage, hold to speed it up, then target an opponent to dash toward them. A violent explosion is generated when Sentient Wrath strikes foes, causing massive damage.

Sentient Wrath

Smash the ground, unleashing a shock wave of devastation. Those who were not killed by the initial explosion are violently lifted into the air, where they become more vulnerable to damage for a short period of time.

Fusion Strike

Call on Caliban’s Sentient side to create up to three Conculyst allies who will fight alongside him and restore shields when outside of combat.

Lethal Progeny

Converge a target point by three streams of raw energy, causing a massive reactive explosion. The blast’s fallout will remove all opponents’ armor that comes into contact with it.

Passive: Allies in the Affinity range gain improved resistance to the types of damage they’re receiving.

Warframe Caliban Fast Facts

  • Caliban is the second Sentient-themed Warframe, following Eidolon-based Revenant, a subspecies of spectral undead Sentients.
  • Caliban will be released alongside his Caliban Cranion Alternate Helmet.
  • Coincidentally, Caliban is also a character in The Tempest, written by William Shakespeare. He’s half-human and half monster in the play.
  • Caliban is bisected in two from the neck down, giving him a starfish-like appearance similar to that of Sentient drones and fragments.

The New War will finally start on December 15, and we’ll find out if the new Warframe is worth using by then as his full collection goes up in the Market.

In the meantime, stay tuned with more Warframe news and updates regarding The New War and Caliban in the upcoming days.

Warframe is released in PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows.

We’ll be seeing you!