Destiny 2 Witch Queen: Leaks, Release Date, Savathun story, Quests

Last Updated on October 16, 2022

Prepare to bow down and partake in an epic battle that adds more to the lore of Destiny 2.

With the release of the Lost Ones DLC, Bungie is not pulling any punches with another yet big player in this first-person shooter. A new trailer was released and the community has been up in arms with the next major expansion that the game has to offer. Let’s chop it to pieces before you lock and load

Destiny 2 Witch Queen Leaks

All Hail The Queen!

The new big bad, a key player in the major events from the past expansions, The Witch Queen takes center stage and shows in the trailer that she is not to be taken lightly. Named, Savathun, the sister of Oryx from the Taken King expansion, has been teased for many years. This is the first time players will face her in person. Harnessing the light and giving power to Hive Guardians, she is no pushover. A new location will be present, The Witch Queen’s Throne World. So buckle up because it will be a bumpy ride. 

What’s New?

With a new location and the same in-your-face combat, the expansion promises a new campaign adding more to the already rich story of Destiny 2. New weapons to blast enemies with, armor to protect your Guardian, and raids! The hinted new weapons get you up close and personal with the ability to use it for a more hit and run type of gameplay.  Weapons can now be customized adding a level of personalization never seen before. Players will get to mod their weapons with unique abilities and stats making your hardware more of you rather than the run-off-the-mill equipment you pick up. Blasting enemies off the screen with a personalized weapon never sounded more fun. 

Time is ticking

To satisfy the wait, the developers of the game have added another component to the upcoming season. Season of The Lost will focus on the missing character Mara Sov, setting the stage for the arrival of the Witch Queen in 2022. It will last for six months. A long time but worth the wait for the arrival of her majesty. 

Let the people speak! 

The community forums are already abuzz with this new heavyweight coming to the stage.  Wishful thinking from players as they try to strategize how to take the Hive Guardians in their own planet. Can players use Radioactive decay to tide the battle in their favor? Pictures have already circulated online of the freebies if you order the game on Steam. A psychrometer replica, Lucent Hive ghost replica, and other goodies. The excitement cannot be contained! 

Final Thoughts

With the last quarter of the year approaching, fans of the game would need to get into the Season of the Lost first to get a better understanding of the reveal. The Witch Queen will surely get old and new players back and Bungie has been hard at work in placing well-timed events in its glorious intergalactic shooter. All hail the queen!