Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer – Best Guns 2021

Last Updated on October 16, 2022

Looking to play Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer and use the best guns?

The latest update has finally dawned upon us. Destiny 2’s Season 14 has brought to us over thirty new and returning guns to the game. Many of them fulfill the role of being substitutes, reskins, gimmicks, or somewhere in between of other existing rifles — but there are more than a couple of hidden treasures behind plain sight.

Destiny 2 released many top Season of the Splicer guns. Around 33 of these guns classify as legendary weapons, while two weapons classify as exotics exotic have also been added to the weapon pool.

With such a vast catalog of Splicer guns, it can be difficult to sift through the list to find the Season of the Splicer best gun. But worry not. We’ll run through the list of the Season of the Splicer best guns of Destiny 2.

Season of the Splicer Best Guns

The Vision

How to Unlock The Vision: You can acquire this legendary sidearm Splicer gun from Lakshmi-2.

The Vision is a legendary sidearm that sports one of the highest DPS output among all the Destiny 2 sidearms. For Season of the Splicer, in particular, The Vision takes up the number one spot as the highest damage dealing sidearm of the season, maxing at a respectable 491 RPM. On burst fire mode, this weapon performs marvelously well with its special perk Omolon Adaptive Frame, which shoots enemies with the equivalent of nine bursts in three shots. The gun pairs well with the trait Kill Clip — which temporarily increases your damage when you reload right after a kill. Powerfully pocket-sized, the Vision is a great addition to your rotation of weapons.

Vex Mythoclast

How to Unlock Vex Mythoclast: This Splicer gun drops in the Vault of Glass

You’ll have to complete the Vault of Glass mission raid from the original Destiny first. But once you’ve done that, this fusion rifle holds firepower and class unlike any other weapon released this season. The Vex Mythoclast is a flexible Exotic rifle that dishes out ammo like a high-round per minute scout rifle. While it was acted more like an auto rifle back in Destiny 1, Destiny 2 made it more similar to a sidearm rifle since it doesn’t shoot automatically. The magazine caps at 25; its RPM rounds at 360; its aim assistance’s at 100; and its recoil pattern is at 80. The Mythoclast also can deal Precision damage, which no other fusion rifle can do, making it one of the Season of the Splicer best guns for me.


How to Unlock Cryosthesia:  You gain access once you reach Level 35 in Season Pass, but premium players get access to it immediately.

This gun’s an ice-cold killing monster. Cryosthesia is an Exotic Sidearm that uses both Kinetic and Statis damage. It’s only the second weapon ever to use the Stasis damage type, second to the Salvation’s Grip. This gun shoots out frozen ammo which can freeze enemies once you fire a charged shot at them.

The Cryosthesia Splicer gun also comes with many weapon perks: LN2 Burst, Polymer Grip, Particle Repeater, Liquid Cooling, and Polygonal Rifling. A mild drawback about this gun is its high Bounce Intensity, at 8, which can be troublesome when dealing with multiple enemies all at once. Nonetheless, it’s still a powerful niche beast for when your primary isn’t doing too hot, making it one I’d consider a part of the Season of the Splicer best guns.

Ignition Code

How to Unlock Ignition Code: Special activities from Splicer Season and Umbral Engrams

The Legendary Grenade Launcher Ignition Code is the only kinetic weapon of its type available in the current Season 14 pool. And, call me biased, but it’s an absolute force to be reckoned with during high-intensity battle situations too. On top of its kinetic capabilities, this special weapon also has access to a plethora of useful perks. These perks include Field Grip, Slide Shot, Surplus, Danger Zone, Frenzy, and One for All, among many more. It also pairs up incredibly well against nonshielded enemies. From the Seasonal Artifact, you can also get imaginative with other strong build combinations that this weapon has no shortage of. 


How to Unlock Fatebringer: Drops as a rare drop reward for completing the Templar Boss in the Vault of Glass Raid.

An old fan favorite returns. The Fatebringer is a legendary hand cannon that deals Arc damage and has stats that resemble the Palindrome gun. Its magazine comes at a modest size of 12 bullets that fire semi-automatically, but what makes up for its modest ammo capacity is its superior range. Its stats consist of a 100 in recoil pattern, an 84 in aim assistance, and a 54 in range capabilities — all respectable numbers.

This kinetic hand cannon also has an intrinsic perk called Oracle Disruptor, where it deals bonus damage to Oracles in the Vault of Glass. The Fatebringer Splicer gun also comes with a host of damage perks like Kill Clip or Frenzy. With Explosive Payload, each bullet hit gets an increased damage modifier while decreasing damage fallout. Overall, it holds the right stats to do some serious lifting in Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer PVP and PVE modes.

Hung Jury SR4

How to Unlock Hung Jury SR4: Finish Nightfall: The Ordeal strikes

The Hung Jury SR4 returns from the Nightfall-exclusive weapons and it’s leaving quite the impression on the current player base. This precision rifle features a generous number of perks that allow it to perform incredibly well against enemies in long-range. With Precision Frame as its Intrinsic Trait, the Hung Jury also has a predictable recoil pattern, making it easy to set up and blast enemy heads during both PvP and PvE campaigns. Grab this weapon if you want to knock off enemies in long-range situations.

Null Composure

How to Unlock Null Composure. Interact with Banshee-44 the Gunsmith in the Tower to proceed with acquiring this Splicer gun.

The newly released Season of the Splicer gun Null Composure is a fantastic Legendary Fusion Rifle, sporting one of the best DPS among other Fusion rifles. Its Intrinsic Trait is the Rapid-Fire Frame ability, which grants it deeper ammo reserves while also carrying slightly faster reload speed when the magazine has been fully unloaded. It has a great 540 RPM fire rate, a range of 36, and a recoil of 55. Overall, it’s an excellent choice, especially when paired with complementary fusion rifle mods like the Ammo Finder, Reserves, and Scavenger.

Vision of Confluence

How to Unlock Vision of Confluence: Drops rarely in any encounter in the Vault of Glass.

Similar to the Hung Jury SR4, the Vision of Confluence is another solid Legendary scout rifle that makes its mark as one of the top guns of Destiny 2. This Splicer gun has three great perks that all work with amazing synergy with one another, capable of dealing lethal damage from any distance and range. 

Here are the perks:

  • Oracle Disruptor: This scout rifle deals bonus damage to Oracles from the Vault of Glass.
  • Full Auto: You can fire this weapon in full-auto mode.
  • Zen Moment: You increase stability every time you cause damage with this weapon.

Aside from the aforementioned perks, Vision of Confluence also has an arsenal of excellent traits like Surplus, Firefly, Tunnel Vision, and much more. It may not be as fast as the MIDA Multi Tool, but it can still prove fatal for enemies who come to battle unprepared.

Hezen Vengeance

How to Unlock Hezen Vengeance: Unlockable through Raid Reprise, which means this Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer new gun can be dropped from a raid.

The Hezen Vengeance is a legendary rocket launcher with a powerful rig that can brute force its way past victory. It has a strong blast radius, moderately fast velocity, and a decent reload speed, making it one of the Season of the Splicer Best Guns. However, it has so-so handling. 

What makes this weapon even more potent is its item mods. These include the likes of Impact Casing, which increases damage on direct hits; Autoloading, which reloads guns in your reserves; and Lasting Impression, which is a rocket launcher exclusive that hit harder and at a much bigger range than usual. 

The Hezen Vengeance is a stellar rocket launcher and a suitable alternative to the Heretic if the Moon weapons aren’t your thing. 

Are you ready to play with Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer Best Guns? Destiny 2 is available at Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One Stadia, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox Cloud Gaming.