Gameplay and Investment in Destiny 2

Last Updated on October 16, 2022

Destiny 2, the first-person shooter follows up to the massively successful Destiny. You take control of a Guardian trying to protect the galaxy in a universe full of firepower and exploration. Shoot, loot and repeat. The recipe is simple, but some players have noticed some issues and we will tackle them in the article and what the developers are doing to address these problems.

Armor up

One of the main things that players look for in Destiny aside from weapons is armor. You cannot dish out damage and take a few, especially with the number of enemies this game has. Some events even require you to soak up damage like a sponge you will be surprised that your Guardian is not black and blue. Armors come in different classes, from ordinary to exotic. Some even provide unique perks to make your experience even more rewarding.  Every character has a head, arms, chest, and leg armor for each class. Although you can only wear one exotic armor at a time, such as the dilemma of a hoarder.  Power Levels also play a key role and provide stats like mobility, resilience, recovery, discipline, strength, and intellect. The average power of a character’s equipped gear is the Power level which in turn determines how much damage they take, and they deal. Armor also has its elemental affinity which determines the mods that can be installed in them. Sounds overwhelming? At first but once you get into your first firefight you will notice a significant amount of mix and matching would work and you will find the best one that applies to your play style.

Mod Me Up

Another part of the armor that you should investigate is the mod, installed to the gear and provides you additional benefits, the rarer the better. Upgrade the piece of armor and watch as you walk into a battle like a freight train. Not losing and keeping your game time longer, surviving is not a necessity anymore. With the right pieces you have solved the puzzle of defeating wave after wave of enemies, and you must thank your armor for that.

Eververse and Titan Games armors

Recently a new issue occurred where players encounter problems with Eververse and Titan Games armors. Recently Transmorg can now be done with new and old armors, which means that more abilities can be unlocked, and tinkering goes on to the next level.  Both these armors give the classes an identity, aesthetic-wise, it is beautiful, in-game, you will see that it is worth more than an arm in a leg for hectic gunfights. Look good while you are blasting your enemies to oblivion.  The armor looks cool and shows that you have participated in one of the prestigious events that the game has to offer.  Collect the Gauntlets, Greaves, Helm, Mark, and Plate and show everybody who is boss.  With a game that focuses on farming for these unique armor sets, Destiny rewards its players with the best that the game has to offer. No carving of corpses though, that is another game. You have to pick them up, put their inventory and see what works. But if you are most people and want to just jump into the action, the internet is full of guides for you to get the best set of armor you want to kit your Guardian.

Issues Arise

But like any other game, issues arise with armors. With Transmog being touted as the best feature that armor gathering has to offer, some of the qualities of the armors offer an unfair advantage and may be used as an exploit to get an advantage against other players. The Titan Contender Eververse armor made titans invisible in the first person. So that was addressed by the developers, what kind of self-respecting Titan would want to walk around and shoot others in the back (wink, wink), not honorable and guardian like if y0ou ask me. One more issue is the Warlock Guardian Games that loses its glow when some shaders are socketed. Like a whole city blackout, the problem is you paid for the modifications, and it is not working. So, the developers have addressed these issues and released patch 2.17. Answering questions in their Twitter accounts, they have also promised big things to come in the next half of the year.  Players old and new will have a lot to look forward to for this intergalactic space shooter.

Final Thoughts

Once the second half of the year rolls around, we might be looking at more updates. Feeling like a log on water, Developers from Bungie has taken notes and should be hard at work to keep the franchise running smoothly. With a dedicated fanbase and a very vocal player community, there is no other way to go but up