Destiny 2 Season 14 — All You Need to Know About the Latest Season

Last Updated on October 16, 2022

Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer has made its arrival. With it, Bungie introduces many new features and gameplay elements for Destiny 2 fans to enjoy.

Here are some of the major updates that the latest season has to offer.

New and Returning Guns and Armor

As the new update rolls in, Bungie brings a few familiar faces and some new weapons to unlock. While some of these loots are reskinned versions of existing weapons, there are a fair number of unique releases as well. 

There are over 60 new Legendary weapons and armor that you can find this season, and many fan favorites can be found when you undertake the Vault of Glass raid. These rewards include the likes of the sniper rifle Hung Jury 2 and the handgun Fatebringer.

The gold-encrusted Exotics are the crème de la crème, however. And they prove much harder to find than the Destiny 2 Legendary weapons. For Exotic guns, this includes the hidden Vex Mythoclast and the exclusive Cryosthesia 77K—both powerful weapons with unique special traits, the former a Fusion and auto rifle hybrid, while the latter imbued with freeze power and charge shots.

For Exotic Armor, this includes the Star-Eater Scales (Hunter exclusive), the Boots of the Assembler (Warlock exclusive), and the Path of Burning Steps (Titan exclusive). You can come across these Exotic loots as a rare drop in the Legend and Master Lost Sectors.

The Nostalgic Return of Vault of Glass

Season of the Splicer brings back the first-ever Destiny raid, the Vault of Glass. This update does two things; it retained the authentic and familiar feeling of returning weapons and the map itself. The update also upgraded some minor improvements to entice newer players of the Destiny franchise as well.

Transmoging your gear is now possible

A feature that’s appeared in Season of the Forge in 2018 for a limited time, Ada-1 returns once again to help customize the design of your gear. While you’ll have to go through a convoluted and complex process to Transmoging your gear, you can now do so without altering stats. 

A drawback is how Bungie limited players on how often Guardians can Transmog their gear per season, though. Still, this is major news to help design your Guardian just the way you like it.

Solstice of Heroes makes a reappearance

Eva awaits you near the Statue of Heroes for a fourth time during this annual Summer celebration. Solstice of Heroes celebrates the resiliency of humanity’s most important defenders. Guardians will get to deepen their knowledge of the story’s lore and get some gear upgrades along the way too.

Crucible updates

A couple of minor updates improved the quality of life of the Crucible PVP experience. First, a new intro greets the players as they enter the arena. The return of Momentum Control and Team Scorched also adds a new element to the game and affixes itself as part of the weekly playlist rotation. Another neat fix is that players could now enter a private match that’s in progress at any time, regardless of time remaining or the current score.

Aside from that, minor glitches with ammo have also been fixed in the Crucible during this Season of the Splicer.

Gambit updates

More minor glitch fixes. One notable fix is Warlock players cannot anymore exploit any Blink-related abilities that put them on the opposite team’s spawn point during Gambit invasions. A couple of player movement and cover issues have also been taken care of in the Deep Six Gambit map.

Destination Patrol fixes

Splicer repaired glitches in maps like the Moon, Cosmodrome, and Dreaming City. 

The Moon map fixes include preventing enemies from respawning immediately after being defeated in free roam. Cosmodrome has gained a couple of fixes as well, like when your Guardian may get stuck behind the boss portal in the Veles Labyrinth Lost Sector. Shaw Han offers repeatable bounties as well. Dreaming City fixed an issue where A Small Gift wouldn’t register as an award for them.

Guns and Armor Updates

Armor like Telesto, Khepri’s Sting, Felwinter’s Helm The Assassin’s Cowl, Severance Enclosure, and Felwinter’s Helm gain buffs or nerfs that alter their gameplay elements in various ways.

These Weapon archetypes nerfs include Aggressive Hand Cannon, where the damage and aim assist fall-off distance gets reduced by 2 and 4 meters which are based on range stat, halving the range buff received in Beyond Light. Chip damage from swords has also been removed during the Splicer season.

For the buffs of weapons, Precision Auto rifle damage increased from 17 to 18. The world loot pool now has a Breech Grenade Launcher and a rare Linear Fusion Rifle, the latter of which sport increased Precision damage levels by 15%, and increased reserve ammo by 20%.

A few Perks and Mods have also seen some buffs and nerfs, like how the Osmosis and Elemental Capacitor perks now work when playing a Stasis subclass. Or how an Adept Counterbalance has improved its stats in recoil direction benefit.

Exotic Guns and Armor Update

The Lament is nerfed with a -16% decrease in damage in Revved Heavy attack. Bastion doesn’t have chip damage anymore and instead intrinsically staggers Unstoppable Champions, with an increase of damage spread by 13%.

Bounties and Pursuits

A new Statis Aspect quest is made available by the Exo Stranger, though you’ll still need Beyond Light ownership, campaign completion, and all the past Stasis Aspects from him. If you want to get a weapon bounty, you’ll have to wait a week for the next one, since the update made it so that it rotates weekly instead of randomly. On top of that, there are also daily Stasis bounties on Zavala, Shaxx, and Drifter now.

Season Pass Updates

Seasonal armor won’t drop anymore with a Season Pass. Instead, it’s available through Seasonal activities and Seasonal Rank bonuses.

Prismatic Recaster and Focused Umbral Engrams

Umbral Engrams can now automatically decrypt when you get it from the Prismatic Recaster. There’s also a visual update with Focusing options on the Prismatic Recaster to make it appear clearer and less cluttered.

Other General Updates

Minor tweaks include an increase to Offerings to 200+ items in the Archive. A user-friendly visual update to the sheen of the store also becomes visible when Bright Engrams are available for decrypting. 

And—wait for it—sparrows now stay in the world semi-indefinitely instead of sticking around for just 7 seconds.

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