How To Get Titania in Warframe

The Titania Warframe character is a deadly yet mischievous addition to a Warframe clan or squad. While other Warframes are highly outwardly intimidating, the pixie queen seems less aggressive in looks. However, this should not fool any Warframe opponent into undermining the capabilities of the fairy queen. A look inside the Titania reveals more than … Read more

How to Get Banshee in Warframe

Warframe was released in 2013, and so was Banshee. She’s, therefore, among the oldest warframes in the game. Her name, Banshee, was borrowed from an Irish Mythology female spirit that wails loudly to signal imminent death in society. That explains her sound-themed attributes.  However, Banshee was initially known as Decree, a name that’s still popular … Read more

How to Get Wisp in Warframe

The Wisp is the 40th Warframe available in the game. She is the only Warframe that constantly floats above the ground since she has no feet. Wisp has unique abilities that enable you to reposition yourself and get ready to attack your enemies with ease. It will be easy to acquire the blueprints required and … Read more

How To Get Sevagoth in Warframe

Amidst all the fight and healing Warframe characters lies the lord of darkness in his ethereal presence. The Sevagoth Warframe is the ultimate death dealer and reaper, ready to shake down all mortal souls.  As the specter of death inside Warframe, Sevagoth is an exemplary character who harnesses in-game inexorable mortality. Not forgetting, the Sevagoth … Read more

How to Get Valkyr in Warframe

Valkyr is a unique Warframe that is deadly and very fast. She can endure high damage levels and can withstand fights against many enemies. It is also one of the oldest Warframe versions, released around 2013. Acquiring this Warframe may be very easy if you have the right tips and guidance.   How to Acquire Valkyr … Read more