How To Get Volt in Warframe

Volt is a Warframe popular among new players due to its excellent speed, agility, and versatility. The prime Volt version is one of the powerful Warframes in the game; however, you need advanced farming to acquire it. Volt abilities are usually geared towards conducting specific damage and specific effectiveness against corpus enemies. The electric and … Read more

How to Get Zephyr in Warframe

The Zephyr Warframe has always been a graceful yet deadly pick for any Warframe enthusiast in all her elements. She is agile, light-footed, and comes with excellent damage output from her tornado capabilities. What’s more, is the Zephyr’s ability to become a flexible sky terror to terrorize and deliver swift incapacitation of opponents’ Warframes. So, … Read more

How To Get Saryn in Warframe

Any Warframe enthusiast would agree that the Saryn Warframe is a sure winner for offensive and defensive plays. For starters, nothing is better than a Warframe character that can attack and defend teammates against many foes. The Saryn Waframe attacks large enemy crowds through her toxic spores that unleash and spread a death malady against … Read more

How to Get Loki in Warframe

In this game, Loki is considered one of the deadliest War frames. Loki is a favorite to many gamers due to its unique ability to fight opponents. It has enhanced stealth capabilities and can become invisible whenever needed. If you are on a mission that needs unique tactics, then Loki got you sorted. By the … Read more

How To Get Vauban in Warframe 

As a gamer, it is always your aim to have a thrilling gaming experience. The Vauban Warframe is fun and has enhanced defense mechanisms, making it easy to defeat your competitors. Farming this Warframe requires unique tips that you will acquire by the end of this article. Acquiring Vauban You need to have Nightwave credits … Read more