How to Fix – Warframe Launcher Update Failed Error

This might be one of those errors that every one of us has come across. While downloading the Saint of Altra update, I saw this error again. The error type was different every time I tried to start the download. This is really frustrating when you are trying to start the game and check out … Read more

How To Get OpLink Beacon and Start Operation Scarlet Spear

The long-awaited Operation Scarlet Spear update just dropped, the update wasn’t huge as I expected it to be but it comes with a lot of changes. I am still going through the update notes and will be updating more on the website. For now, let’s find out How To Start Operation Scarlet Spear Starting the … Read more

How To Start Empyrean – New Update

Warframe Empyrean update just dropped a few minutes back, Empyrean introduces ship-to-ship combat to Warframe. If you have played the game called as sea of thieves, this is similar but in Warframe. I watched the Dev stream in which they showcased it but wasn’t sure there will be a PvP element added at some point, … Read more

How To Build Your Railjack – Rising Tide Quest Guide

Rising Tide is the new quest in which players unlock their Railjack battleships. But in order to start the quest, there are a few things that players have to complete. In this guide, I will be writing all the things that you have to do to complete the quest and all the requirements as well. … Read more

How To Build a Railjack Cephalon Cy

To operate the newly added Railjack battleship in Warframe, players have to use the Cephalon Cy component. In order to start the Rising Tide mission, players will have to craft their full battleship. First, you’d have to build the dry dock inside your Clan, once it’s crafted you can access it from your Clan. Keep … Read more