How To Get Nyx in Warframe

While all other Warframes are best at doing the fighting themselves, few work with a mechanism that lets foes destroy themselves. Enter the Nyx Warframe, a top-level female Warframe deceiver and manipulator with mind control powers that make enemies betray and attack each other till their demise. From this chaos, the Nyx can also harness … Read more

How To Get Volt in Warframe

Volt is a Warframe popular among new players due to its excellent speed, agility, and versatility. The prime Volt version is one of the powerful Warframes in the game; however, you need advanced farming to acquire it. Volt abilities are usually geared towards conducting specific damage and specific effectiveness against corpus enemies. The electric and … Read more

How to Get Zephyr in Warframe

The Zephyr Warframe has always been a graceful yet deadly pick for any Warframe enthusiast in all her elements. She is agile, light-footed, and comes with excellent damage output from her tornado capabilities. What’s more, is the Zephyr’s ability to become a flexible sky terror to terrorize and deliver swift incapacitation of opponents’ Warframes. So, … Read more

How To Get Saryn in Warframe

Any Warframe enthusiast would agree that the Saryn Warframe is a sure winner for offensive and defensive plays. For starters, nothing is better than a Warframe character that can attack and defend teammates against many foes. The Saryn Waframe attacks large enemy crowds through her toxic spores that unleash and spread a death malady against … Read more

How to Get Loki in Warframe

In this game, Loki is considered one of the deadliest War frames. Loki is a favorite to many gamers due to its unique ability to fight opponents. It has enhanced stealth capabilities and can become invisible whenever needed. If you are on a mission that needs unique tactics, then Loki got you sorted. By the … Read more