How To Access and Use the Helminth System

One of the main highlights of the Heart of the Deimos update is the Helminth System. For those who don’t know about it, this system allows you to switch Warframe Powers (not ultimate). At first, I thought, players will be granted access to it right away. But that is not the case, you have to … Read more

How To Access Cambion Drift

Heart of Deimos update just dropped for all platforms except Switch, here are the patch notes. The update size is 3GB and brings a lot of stuff, such as Xaku the new frame, new infested open-world, tons of bug fixes, a new warframe system that lets you change your warframe powers. We will be covering … Read more

Warframe Launcher – Slow Download Speed Fix

Warframe Slow Download Speed Fix – Warframe uses their native launcher for downloading new updates and content. Sometimes the launcher doesn’t actually use the full speed of your network leading to frustration, especially when you’re trying to get access to a new quest or frame. There can be multiple reasons why this could be happening, … Read more

How To Farm Panthera Prime & Karyst Prime Relics

Our Desert King is finally getting the prime treatment, this will make a lot of people happy, including me. With the prime access, we are also getting the primed variants of Karyst and Panthera. The exact stats of both of these weapons are not known as of now, I’ll make sure to update them once … Read more