Pilfering Strangledome & Teeming Virulence Farming Guide

The latest update dropped 24.7 just dropped, and along with the update came the new set of Syndicate Mods. The four new mods that are added to the game are Pilfering Strangledome (Khora), Binding Reave (Revenant), Teeming Virulence (Nidus) and Dread Ward (Garuda). Pilfering Strangledome & Teeming Virulence Farming In this post we are going … Read more

Warframe Credit Farming Guide – The Index

Warframe The Index – Best Credit Farming Guide Credits play a very important role in the game. Warframe has two important currencies one being the credits and the other being platinum. Platinum is something that you might require once in a while, but credits are something that can’t be ignored at all, not having credits … Read more

Prime Vault Opening: Ember Prime and Frost Prime

Prime Vault openings happen every once in a while, people who have been waiting to get their hands on Ember Prime and Frost Prime can finally rejoice. The prime access packs that will be dropping today will be named Fire and Ice. Let’s get into the details There will be five packs in total, each … Read more

Arcane Drop Chances and Farming in Plains of Eidolon

All the Arcanes were farmable through raids such as The Law of Retribution and The Jordas Verdict, upon completion each player in the raid was awarded with a random Arcane from the drop table.┬áThe bugs were such a big problem in raids, so Digital Extremes decided to drop the plan to fix them due to … Read more