How To Get Masseter Melee

Last Updated on November 12, 2022

Grendel is going to make its arrival into the game in a few days. All Tenno are excited about it, the gameplay overall felt really good with what they had shown in the Livestream. Grendel’s playstyle is going to be a little refreshing compared to what we are used to with other frames.

I have already written a guide on obtaining Grendel, do check that out.

Let’s talk about his signature weapon called Masseter, which will be also added to the game with the Old Blood update.

How To Get Masseter

Grendel’s signature weapon. Tear and chew through enemies with this unusual crankshaft-style Heavy Blade.

The weapon hasn’t been added to the game yet, I will update this article after the Old Blood update drops.

Are you excited about the Old Blood update? – Do comment below and let me know.