Warframe Grendel Farming Guide – How to get it

Last Updated on November 12, 2022

The Grendel Warframe will be making its arrival into the game pretty soon, DE Rebecca has confirmed that the Old Blood update will be coming in the month of October. That means we have only a few days left for the update to arrive. Both Gauss and Grendel were revealed in Tennocon and all the tennos were pretty hyped-up about it.

In the latest Dev Stream it has been confirmed that this will be the biggest update before the end of this year. The Old Blood will also ship with the new melee rework, I will be writing a detailed article on the same pretty soon. Stay tuned!

Continue reading to find out more on Grendel and it’s release date.


Grendel’s Abilities

Below are the abilities of Grendel, these are subject to change with the official release.

Passive: Devours enemies and digests unlimited numbers of enemies using his abilities. With each enemy consumed Grendel will grow in size and gain bonus armor, this will drain energy though. Any incoming damage to Grendel will also be dealt to the enemies inside his stomach. This does sound like a weird ability, I might be able to better explain it once I have him.

Feast: Grendel opens up his jaws for a duration that sucks enemies, all these enemies are stored in his stomach. Holding down the 1 key will vomit these enemies and create a Toxin AOE. Grendel can eat multiple enemies in a single cast, the number of enemies consumed will show up in the HUD. The number of enemies consumed will also affect the amount of energy drain.

Nourish: Grendel stomps the ground and consumes a selected enemy, consuming the enemy completely will grant him and his allies with a buff depending on the type of the enemy.

The buffs are

  • Nourish – Grants increased armor
  • Energy Boosting Buff – Increases energy gain from energy orbs
  • Toxin – Creates a toxin explosion when the player takes damage.

Regurgitate: Grendel spits a consumed enemy from a long-range. This is the damage-dealing ability and does a huge impact on impact.

Meatball: Grendel turns into a meatball. In this meatball form, Grendel will emit an aura around him that will consume any enemy that he hits. The radius of the aura will increase with the number of enemies consumed while running the ability. The ability has to be deactivated before Grendel runs out of energy or he will be left stunned for a when the energy is fully drained.

How To Farm Grendel

Update: Here’s how you farm grendel.

All new entries in the Codex now cover where to obtain anything in the game. You can find all three locators

  • Grendel Neuroptics Locator
  • Grendel Chassis Locator
  • Grendel Systems Locator

These locators will be used to obtain Grendel Parts. Each of these parts can be bought from Arbitration Honors (Vendor on Relay) for exchange of 25 Virtus Essence (drops during Arbitrations).

Grendel is likely to be tied to a quest that will grant a blueprint of the frame. The other parts might be tied to a farming spot or any of the open areas. The confirmed information is not known as of now and will be updated here.

The description of his passive is actually a function of his ability. This frame does sound like a remake of Nyx. But DE can always amaze us, let’s wait for the mainline update to drop and get our hands on both of these new frames; Gauss and Grendel.

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