How To Get Mirv Recurring Hex Grenade – Borderlands 3

Last Updated on November 12, 2022

If you’re a Moze main like me, you must be wondering where should I go to farm this insane damage-dealing grenade. There are no fixed guides on the web that cover about farming this legendary grenade mod.

The crazy thing about this grenade is the multiplication, one grenade breaks into 3 and those break into further grenades. This legendary grenade mod comes in clutch, just after the Moze nerf that came with the recent patch. There’s a cooldown on the nade and ammo refund on crits now, but that doesn’t affect you when you carry this grenade because of the multiplied MIRVs.

How To Get Mirv Recurring Hex Grenade

This legendary grenade mod is a world drop and can be farmed from any enemy in the game. Not only that, it can drop from opening loot chests, gambling slot machines, and so on. There are no particular ways of farming legendaries like these and we solely rely on RNG to get them. Let’s find out the best possible bosses to take down for farming this mod.

I would recommend you to switch to Mayhem 2-3 even in TVHM, that increases your loot drop chances. Since no enemy in this game has increased chances of dropping this mod, so we’ll be putting in our best odds for getting it.

Farm the Graveward Boss

To obtain this particular legendary grenade mod, we’ll head to Vault on Eden-6. Farming this boss is pretty easy and I got a legendary drop every time I took him down. Graveward is a pretty good boss for farming legendaries if you have the right Moze/FLAK build. I was able to take him down within 4-5 seconds with the FLAK build. I’ll be posting it here soon.

Farm The Chupacabratch Boss

Chupacabratch is a mini-boss that is located on Athenas in the Cemetry near the Brewery. If you’ve completed the storyline then I’m sure you’ve taken him down at some point. Since it’s a mini-boss it’s really easy to defeat. Eliminate and repeat, its that easy, keep continuing this until you get your desired drop.

Farm Loot Tinks

This method has been nerfed a lot now, and the drop chances are really low. But this is still a great method if you don’t consider the ones that I have mentioned above. Defeat them to score some juicy loot, then open their bags for a possibility to get a legendary weapon.

I’ll post a detailed guide on farming all of these bosses in detail along with the right builds for each character, stay tuned.

These are a few things that you can follow to obtain Mirv Recurring Hex Grenade in Borderlands 3. Do comment below if this guide helped you out.