Warframe Toroids Caves Location Guide – Farm

Last Updated on November 12, 2022

Warframe Toroids Farm – There are so many resources in the game, a new player who is just starting might get overwhelmed. When I was new, there were no sites and forums displaying information about this, since the game was new. Thanks to the fellow tenno and the region chat that helped me out at that time. That being said, let’s find out How To Farm Toroids in Warframe.

Toroids are a resource that was announced with the Fortuna expansion. These are small orbs having different colors, you can turn them in to obtain standing from Vox Solaris. That standing can be exchanged for Baruuk, Amps, Operator Armour and Operator Arcanes, as well as Garuda.

Warframe Toroid Farm – Caves & Location

There’s not much information available around regarding farming toroids and their location. In this article, I will try to cover everything.

The things that I would recommend you take; a fast archwing such as Itzal, a sentinel with loot build, the warframe of your choice, a resource booster and a few good weapons.

Calda, Sola and Vega Toroids Map Location

Below is the map where you can find Calda, Sola and Vega Toroids. However, there’s no surety that they will spawn each time, and there’s also a possibility to get multiples of them in a single cave.

Using the big map, we will be finding the location of all the Caves. There are a total of 17 caves that we will be looking into.

Cave 1 – Cave 1 can be located at the NW of Fortuna. This location can be found between Temple Fabrication and Grow site as marked in the image below.

Once you head to the location, you’ll find a Cave that looks like this.

After heading inside the cave, keep heading forward and slide below a small opening. This is where the toroids spawn.

Cave 2 – This is a long cave that you will find between the Grow Site, Ustara Crater and Central Maintenance. The exact location is marked on the map below

After you head inside and make your way forward. Once you’ve covered 1/4th of the way, the Toroids can be found under the cave located from the south entrance. You can easily identify it since they are under an Orokin Structure.

Cave 3 – This Cave is located directly to the East of Temple of Profit. There’s a small cave opening that you can head inside you will find Toroids as shown in the images below.

This is the structure where you’ll find Toroids inside Cave 3.

Cave 4 – This cave is located near a small corpus outpost, this cave can be located by heading to the west side of the map. Primarily, south-west of Temple Fabrication.

This Cave is a little tricky and requires puzzle solving. Once you head inside, you head to access a small tunnel. The access to the tunnel cannot be unlocked before you move the boxes using an access panel.

Cave 5 – This cave is located near Cave 4, by the side of the river. Toroids in this cave are in an alcove on a broken Orokin pillar.

Cave 6 – Head to the Southwest of Asta Crater as mentioned in the map below. Once you head inside, you’ll be able to find Toroids a the very bottom.

Cave 7 – This cave is located near South of Asta Crater, this is also nearby the Cave 6. The toroids inside this cave are tucked inside a small tunnel that is located at the end of the coolant river.

Cave 8 – Located at the SW of Transit depot next to the rounded lake.

Head behind the Jumping flower, this is where you will find the Toroids.

Cave 9 – Located between Enrichment Labs, Asta Crater, and Transit Depot.

Once you head inside, keep moving forward in a small passage that runs parallel to the main passage. This is where you will find toroids inside Cave 9.

Cave 10 – Located between Transit Depot and Space Port. Just at the side of the roadside as marked on the map.

Slide into the gap that is located above the dried coolant waterfall. Use the image below for reference.

Cave 11 – Located somewhat between Transit Depot and SpacePort. Also to the north of the two caves.

Toroids can be found by heading to a sliding only tunnel.

Cave 12 – Another cave that is found between Transit Depot and Spaceport. Mostly to the south-west of the Space Port. Use the image map for reference.

There are two spots inside this cave where Toroids can spawn.

First Spot– A tiny alcove that is located near the coolant at the bottom of the cave.

Second Spot – Head down the hidden tunnel that leads to the Northern Entrance of the cave.

Cave 13 – This one is actually easy to find. Head to the Southeast of Space Port, there’s a slope where you’ll find a collapsed Orokin Tower

In this cave, Toroids are found sticking to the right wall.

Cave 14 – Head to the East of the Orokin Dig Site, slightly to the north of the fallen Orokin Tower.

Accessing the Toroids is a little tricky in this one. Once you head inside, there will be a submerged cave inside the main cave. Activate the pump drain to remove the coolant from the pond to access the lower cave. The panel for doing the same is located just near the pond.

Cave 15 – Somewhat between Harindi Crater and Orokin Dig Site. Southwest of the Harindi crater to be precise.

Head under the bridge located at the bottom of the cave, vertically down from the southernmost entrance. You can identify it by the Jumping Flower that is visible inside the entrance.

Cave 16 – Located at the west of the Harindi Crater and North of the Orokin Digsite.

The Toroids in this one are hidden in a tunnel behind an electric wall. You can easily deactivate the electric wall by standing on the drum connected to the livewire. Once the electricity is down, you will need to head past the electric area fast before it comes back.

Cave 17 – North East of Central Maintenance and South of Reflector Control.


The spawn of the Toroids was a hit and miss, but this has been taken care of after the Mainline update and now toroids spawn every time you head inside a cave. I was unlucky and had to farm these with bad RNG, at least you don’t have to face that.

So this all for our Warframe Toroid Farming Guide. We have already written many guides on farming resources such as Nitain Extract, Argon Crystal and Neurodes. Do check them out.

Do let us know if this guide helped you out, using the comment section below.