Warframe – How To Build A Dry Dock in Railjack Update

Last Updated on November 12, 2022

How to Build a Dry Dock – So the Railjack update has finally dropped, people have been excited for this update for a long time. The update was teased by the developers in the last dev stream and we were told that we can expect it soon, no one expected it this soon.

The Dry Dock is the component that you have to build that will be housing the Railjack ships in Warframe. Once you have downloaded the latest update, you will receive a message from Ordis telling you about Railjack and basic stuff. He basically has discovered the “Dry Dock Schema” that we will be used for building it.

How To Build A Dry Dock

Building the Dry Dock is a clan activity. Head to the Dojo and build the Dry Dock from there. The building requirements will depend on the size of your clan, I’ve mentioned them below.

Mountain6,000,000 750,00025,50045030

The dry dock has a building time similar to most equipment in Warframe, this can obviously be rushed using platinum. Next up, you will have to research Railjack Cephalon. To do so, head to the Dry Dock, there will be a research panel, use it.

Railjack Cephalon Crafting Cost:

  • 4000 Credits
  • 5 Mutagen Mass
  • 5 Detonite Injectors
  • 5 Fieldron Samples
  • 2 Orokin Cells

That’s all for building the Dry Dock in Warframe. I am currently playing the update and looking for things. Are you excited about the update?