How To Get Good Juju Rifle – Borderlands 3

Last Updated on November 12, 2022

How To Get Good Juju Rifle – Good Juju is the easter egg of the Bad Juju Rifle that you can find in Destiny 2. The weapon was introduced with the latest Maliwan Takedown update. Good Juju is a legendary assault rifle, not exactly the best around but does its job. Also, it’s a burst rifle, I don’t know anyone who actually enjoys firing burst-rifles in this game.

In this article, we will find out all the details about this newly added legendary rifle and how to obtain it.

How To Get Good Juju Rifle

  • Manufacturer: Dahl
  • Red Text: Kinda, sorta wants to end all existence
  • Damage: 1057
  • Accuracy: 81%
  • Handling: 59%
  • Reload Time: 1.8s
  • Fire Rate: 14.17/s

Red Text Effect: Magazine is refilled on kills

I was able to get two variants of the gun.

  • Venomous Reflexive Good Juju: This has corrosive damage.
  • Decoying Nimble Good Juju: Radiation damage.

Who Drops The Good Juju?

With the Maliwan Takedown update, the dedicated boss loot pools have been introduced. Thanks to that you won’t have to keep farming the poor Graveward for getting any legendary that you want. Good Juju is dropped from The Rampager. It took me around 10 runs to get my first drop, probably because I wasn’t running Mayhem 4, you need to be on Mayhem 4 in order to get this to drop.

Rampager Location: You can locate Rampager in the Forgotten Balistica on Promethea.

Many people have been able to obtain this easily, seems like the drop rate is good enough as of now. I’d recommend you farm this before any drop rate nerf makes its arrival.

Maliwan Takedown Update: The update has introduced the new raid, 300 Bank Space, Game Optimizations, series of nerfs and buffs, and a lot more. If you haven’t downloaded the update yet, this might be the time to get back. Also, the Bloody Harvest event will be ending on December 5, if you haven’t farmed the new anointed weapons this is your last chance (Ghast Call is one of my favorites).

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