How To Farm Cubic Diodes

Last Updated on November 12, 2022

Cubic Diodes are the newly added resources in Warframe, this one was introduced with the railjack update. It is the only unique resource you need to rebuild your Railjack. If Warframe follows its usual pattern, this resource might be used for other parts in the coming months.

Once you have completed building the Dry Dock, you’ll have to research the Cephalon Cy. After doing both, you’ll be asked to find the Railjack parts, these parts have to be repaired, for that you need the Cubic Diodes. You need 100 altogether at the moment for the full repair.

In this article, we will find out where to find these Cubic Diodes. Continue reading.

How To Farm Cubic Diodes

Best Place To Farm – The best place would be Seiemeni or Exta on Ceres. I was able to get 30 on Exta within 10 minutes without running any boosters or squads specific to farming. You need a total of 100, so you need around 30 minutes to farm this resource. Obviously numbers can be different for you because drops are RNG based.

The Cubic Diodes are uncommon resource will drop from Eximus Units on Ceres. The resource will only drop in the Grineer Shipyard tileset.

There is confusion among people that this might drop from Eximus units on other planets, but that is not the case.

Farming becomes very easier when it comes to resources if you take the right frames. Having a Despoil Nekros + Pilfering Hydroid can boost the drops by a lot. I always recommend everyone to use a Resource Booster while farming for a particular resource.

There are also higher chances of Eximus enemies spawning in Kuva Lich missions.

People are currently reporting that running loot-based squads is not having any effect in the drops. This might be a bug at the moment.

I’ve already written guides on farming Nitain Extract, Neurodes and more. Do check those out. Comment below if this guide helped you out, more on the way.