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List of All Prime Warframes – Updated List

List of All Prime Warframes – There are too many frames to look into, but never enough. Collecting all of the frames is a thing all of us like. When I started playing the game, Rhino Prime was around, and Frost Prime’s Price was reaching heights, still I bought it from a fellow tenno. Why? – Just for the sake of collecting all the frames available in the game.

The only thing I regret is not believing in the game when it was in its early stages. The Excalibur Prime is a frame that none of us can obtain now. I will buy it in a heartbeat if it comes back but sadly it won’t happen. We can satisfy our feelsbadman cries with the release of Excalibur Umbra coming in a few days with “The Sacrifice” Quest.

Today, I am going to compile a list of all frames with their date of release. The list will be updated with each release.

List of All Prime Warframes


Warframe NameRelease DateUpdate Version
Excalibur Prime12-18-2012Update 5.0
Frost Prime05-03-2013Update 7.10
Mag Prime09-13-2013Update 10.0
Ember Prime11-20-2013Update 11.0
Rhino Prime03-05-2014Update 12.4
Loki Prime06-11-2014Update 13.7
Nyx Prime09-24-2014Update 14.8
Nova Prime12-17-2014Update 15.7
Volt Prime03-25-2015Update 16.1
Ash Prime07-07-2015Update 16.11
Trinity Prime10-06-2015Update 17.6
Saryn Prime02-16-2016Hotfix 18.4.12
Vauban Prime05-17-2016Update 18.12
Nekros Prime08-23-2016Hotfix: The Silver Grove 3
Valkyr Prime11-22-2016Hotfix 19.0.7
Banshee Prime02-28-2017Hotfix 19.11.5
Oberon Prime05-30-2017Hotfix 20.6.2
Hydroid Prime08-29-2017Update 21.6
Mirage Prime12-12-2017Update 22.7
Zephyr Prime03-20-2018Hotfix 22.16.4
Zephyr Prime09-26-2018

I will make sure to update this list every time a new Primed frame comes out. The list of weapons is being worked on and will be published on the website.

Meanwhile, make sure to read our Polymer Bundle and Neurodes Farming Guide.

Thank you for reading this article, hope you have a nice day.

All articles written on the website are my own. There might be a few mistakes as well since English is not my first language. Thank you very much for visiting Warframe.Today. 🙂
Updated: September 26, 2018 — 4:17 pm

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  1. Thanks for this! I remember when on Wikia i could find this information, it got deleted some time ago (i dunno know when, last time i entered Wikia was half of year or more i think, it was because i stopped playing warframe for long time and i am thinking about checking what is going on in there. Btw, by Wikia, i mean this other Wikia, you probadly know which one. This list is valuable, every prime gets its price after some time. Like, look, if i think good (i don’t think good probadly) vauban prime or nekros prime (i think its something like between saryn prime and valkyr prime). Their price can be weak, its dropable and all, some relics and you got it. But with time, these relics are gone, blueprints too, because you know, they are up FOR something. Take look into Rhino Prime or other old prime. Some players still have parts of it and wait till someone buy it…. But pricces are high, because its ultra rare. Sometimes they give it dropable again, to refill everything and give new players chance for him and his weapons. There is always a rule, i think its always, in most of cases i see seling like this: 4 blueprints, but only 3 are very valuable. There is always that one blueprint that is worth small amount of platinum. Before i leave for long time, i remember that ember prime, loki prime and frost prime were most expensive warframes ever made. To get one you had to pay 1000 platinum! I am not sure how now, but its probadly stabilished, it was long time from last chacne of dropping them…… on freaking tasks at freakin open world with freakin lvl of freaking enemies with freakin teammates and with freakin time and with freaking chacne of getting these freaking primes and weapons. Freaking long time wasn’t enough i think, nah, i actually gave up, too lazy for this. I play from 2015 with some breaks, i was just tired of this. Anyway, with time these prices gets bigger and bigger. It depends if prime is useful or if its weak. If prime is bad and weak, it won’t be sell for big price. Thanks for guide. Btw, English is not my first language too.

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