Warframe Daily Sortie Missions Guide – Missions Today?

Last Updated on October 17, 2022

Sorties are your set of unique daily missions in Warframe that give out a reward that varies in rarity and chance. In order to start getting sortie missions, your Warframe needs to be at least level 30 and have completed the ‘The War Within’ cinematic quest. Once you are eligible to receive sorties, you will be receiving three sets of special missions every day that escalate in difficulty, with the first mission being the easiest and the third mission being the most difficult. 

Each sortie mission will of course have different objectives and conditions that have to be accomplished in order to complete. The mission types of sorties will also vary per day and per difficulty. Sorties reset on Digital Extremes’ local time which is 17:00 UTC or at 16:00 UTC during daylight savings time.

What sortie mission you will get and which difficulty a mission will be is totally decided by the game. Luckily though, the total amount of time you’ll be investing in all three missions every day should only be 15 to 20 mins tops with good gear and 5 to 10 mins with a squad. Even your third and ‘difficult’ sortie mission should only take you around 5 to 10 mins solo as long as you’re decently modded and geared.

As mentioned earlier, sorties are unique missions, meaning your sorties will differ from your friend’s sorties. A cool mechanic about sorties though is that a player can technically ‘host’ a sortie mission for their friends, and they, including their squad, will get the sortie reward (we’ll get to these in a bit) as long as it’s their first time completing a sortie mission for the day. You can still partake and help other players with their sortie missions after your first completion, but you’ll no longer receive any reward for doing so. 

Warframe Sorties Rewards

A huge incentive to do your sorties every day are the rewards. Besides getting a total of 100k credits for completing every sortie mission/difficulty, you’ll also get a random reward from a premade list of materials, mods, etc. 

Here’s a handy table of these rewards, their rarity, and the chance that you’ll get them. 

Item(s)RarityChance %
Anasa Ayatan SculptureCommon28.00%
Riven ModCommon27.90%*
4,000x EndoUncommon12.10%*
6,000x KuvaUncommon12.00%*
3-Day BoosterUncommon9.81%
Exilus AdapterRare2.50%
Orokin Catalyst BlueprintRare2.50%
Orokin Reactor BlueprintRare2.50%
Legendary CoreLegendary0.18%

*Some mods have different chances/drop rates. These mods are: the Melee Riven Mod (8.14%), the Pistol Riven Mod (7.61%), the Rifle Riven Mod (6.79%), theZaw Riven Mod (2.00%), the Kitgun Riven Mod (2.00%), and the rarest being the Shotgun Riven Mod (1.36%)

*Not affected by Resource Booster buff

*You can only receive one booster of a single type: the Affinity Booster, the Mod Drop Chance Booster or the Resource Drop Chance Booster which all have a drop chance of 3.27%

Different types of Sortie Missions and Conditions

Now that we’ve tackled the rewards, it’s time to talk about the different types of challenges and quests you’ll have to go through. As we discussed earlier, sortie missions rely on the element of randomness when it comes to giving out rewards and handing out missions. 

What we didn’t tackle are the mission conditions that come bundled with these different mission difficulties. In essence, these conditions are debuffs that make it harder for you to complete the objective. For example, your second sortie mission might have a condition named ‘Low Gravity’ where gravity will greatly be reduced during the mission. Once you get to your third mission, these conditions get even harsher. One condition that you may get during your third sortie mission for the day is the ‘Fire’ condition, a debuff where your Warframe’s total HP is halved and HP regen is reduced while your enemies also gain 25% heat damage. Basically, you become squishier and your enemies do more damage. 

There’s a long list of conditions possible for a sortie mission that we won’t be getting into, but you’re welcome to look and study them before hopping into the game.

With conditions in mind, let’s now talk about the different types of sortie missions you can get. These mission types are probably something you’re already familiar with. There are defense sorties, spy sorties, rescue sorties, and even more—all with their different conditions and debuffs that make them more difficult than your average defense, spy, and rescue missions. 

How to start Sortie missions

To access and start your Sorties for the day, open your Navigation screen from the Orbiter and access the last tab of the World State Window. From there, you will get a glance at the missions you’ll need to do. You won’t be able to touch nor start your second and third mission until you have completed your first mission beforehand, but you’ll be able to see basic details like their mission types, conditions, and planet/location. 

Are you excited to hop on Warframe and do your first set of sorties? If yes, don’t forget to let us know down below how your first sorties were and which reward you got!