Best Kuva Weapons in Warframe – How To Farm

Last Updated on October 17, 2022

Kuva weapons are some of the strongest and most sought out endgame content in Warframe, and for all the good reasons. 

In essence, Kuva weapons are a special variation of already existing weapons carried by a player’s Lich that can be obtained once the Lich is defeated. The player can then claim these weapons from their Foundry if they have enough weapon slots, bypassing the purported Mastery Rank requirement. The qualities of the weapons change depending on whatever Lich the player has slain. What elemental bonus was increased on the weapon during Lich formation and the progenitor Warframe determines the weapon’s Energy Color which can make for sick-looking gear aesthetics. 

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Top 5 Kuva Weapons To Get and Use in Warframe

With that being said, you’re probably asking yourself which Kuva Weapons are worth getting. Well, the good news is that all of the 19 Kuva Weapons are good enough to be in your arsenal. However, there are just others that are a little bit better than others that make them deserving of a mention in this Top 5 Kuva Weapons To Use list. Let’s get to it then, shall we?

Kuva Ayanga

We’re starting this list strong with the Kuva Ayanga, the ultimate Archwing and Necramechs slayer. This weapon has everything an Archgun should have: AoE damage, high base damage, high critical numbers, and a good status chance. 

However, as mentioned earlier, it should be noted that this weapon performs best vs Archwing and Necramech enemies If you’re more into ground missions and Railjack, then the Mausolon is a better choice than the Ayanga. This is because the Ayangall shoots so fast with only a 10% firing rate buff that your shots will ricochet backwards, leaving you staggered. Even with Primed Sure Footed equipped, the Ayanga still can’t match the Mausolon’s alt-fire which is far superior for killing bosses and clearing groups of mobs in ground missions.

Kuva Bramma

Taking up the fourth place of our Top 5 Kuva Weapons to use list is the Kuva Bramma, perhaps one of the strongest bows in the game despite being dealt with repeated nerfs. 

The combination of 839 Blast damage and a 35 percent critical chance with every shot is nothing to shrug off. It can also apply Viral reliably with a status chance of 21%. Apply some elemental mods and Hunter Munitions then show mobs and enemies who’s the boss by carpet-bombing areas with the lethal AoE of the Bramma.

The staggers and ammo size are two of the most noticeable cons of this weapon. These, however, can easily be solved by equipping Primed Sure Footed Mod in a Warframe’s Exilus mod and some sort of ammunition mutation in the Kuva Bramma’s Exilus slot. Now you don’t have to worry about staggers or running out of ammo mid-run and just continue with your AoE mayhem with the Kuva Bramma.

Kuva Chakkhurr

Next up is the Kuva Chakkhurr, one of the four Kuva weapons that have no original counterpart. This hefty flintlock rifle fires high-explosive rounds that deliver a lot of headshot damage, therefore it’s a good match for Hunter Munitions and Primary Deadhead.

Although the Kuva Chakkhurr has a slow fire rate and a reload animation that takes ages to complete, it makes up for it with superior base damage and critical effects. Don’t even get me started with the headshot damage of this gun: it’s TOTALLY insane. Most mobs won’t have the chance to retaliate once you’ve locked onto their heads where you then follow up with Hunter Munitions or Internal Bleeding to create huge damage Slash procs. 

Speaking of Slash procs, this is definitely one of the few rifles in the game that could kill Steel Path mobs in an instant thanks to the aforementioned Slash procs as long as you have the right mods like Firestorm (or its Primed variant) as the Chakkhurr’s base AoE blast radius is quite small.

Kuva Zarr

For all the shotgun lovers out there, you won’t be disappointed to know that the ultimate AoE weapon of Warframe has made it to the list, even taking up the second-place spot. 

The Zarr is definitely one of the best Kuva weapons to date because of Digital Extremes’ never-ending buffs to the weapon: insane base damage, respectable critical stats, very high-status chance, and an alt-fire that can one-shot any mob point-blank. This cannon combines the Kuva Bramma and Kuva Hek into a single monstrosity of a weapon. 

With the Zarr, your runs will mostly consist of you running up point-blank to your enemies while using the cannon mode of this gun, then killing any lingering enemies with the shotgun-like barrage mode. It’s adaptable, packs a powerful punch in any given situation, and is just too damn fun to use. An easy S+ and must-have for every endgame Warframe player.

Kuva Nukor

And for our number one spot and the STRONGEST Kuva Weapon and secondary weapon in Warframe is the Kuva Nukor. This insane beam weapon is equipped with a mind-boggling 50% status chance (yes, you read that right) that has the ability to cause status effects with every damage tick using the right mods. If you think that’s OP, then wait until you read about its other strengths. 

The Kuva Nukor truly shines with crit chance and crit damage multipliers. 

Combining the Arcane Avenger arcane enhancement and Galvanized Crosshairs mod with the Harrow Warframe allows this weapon to instantly kill even the strongest Steel Path opponents with some of the highest crit chance and damage in the game. But in all honesty, even if you don’t build for the Nukor’s critical damage, it has so many status effects that it goes great with a Condition Overload glaive or other comparable melee weapons in the game. 


Kuva Weapons are definitely up there when it comes to endgame content and weapons in Warframe. These weapons have some of the best stats, numbers, and AoE damage I’ve seen and it won’t be surprising to not see anything comparable to these weapons for a short while. With the right mods, enhancements, and Warframe, you’ll be tearing through every type of mobs and bosses in no time. 

What do you think of our list? Any Kuva Weapons we missed? Jot your thoughts down below!