How To Get Atlas Prime

Last Updated on November 12, 2022

How To Get Atlas Prime – Atlas Prime is going to arrive soon, I’ve been waiting for this frame to get primed for so long. The bulky looking frame will be coming on 1st October 2019. The prime access is arriving with the primed variant of Tekko and Dethcube, both of these are going to be insane considering how good Dethcube rifle is, Dethcube is one of my favorite sentinels in the game.

The primed variant will obviously offer a cool looking boi, better stats such as more power and better shields/health pool. These are some things which are offered with every prime access no matter what.

Atlas Prime Access

Atlas Prime Access begins October 1, 2019. The release date is for PC, PS4 and Xbox will follow later on because of certifications and stuff.

The access will consist of:

  • Atlas Prime Warframe – In bygone ages, mountains were said to house warriors. In this age, the mountain has become the warrior.
  • Tekko Prime – As merciless and indestructible as Atlas Prime himself, Tekko Prime crushes and splits with tectonic force.
  • Dethcube Prime – With ‘Assault Mode’ and ‘Vaporize’ as default precepts, Dethcube Prime is the apex of lethal support.
  • Deth Machine Rifle Prime – Signature default weapon of Dethcube Prime.
  • Atlas Prime Glyphs – Display your Atlas Prime loyalty.

Just like all other prime access drops, this prime access has some cosmetics and boosters; Massif Prime Syandana, Ocrus Prime Sentinel Accessories, 90-day credit and affinity booster, and 7-day mod drop chance booster.

However, you don’t have to pay to get the frame and any of the weapons that come with him. Everything will be farmable in-game and you can use our relic farming guide to farm with easy.

Atlas Abilities

Landslide: Punch enemies with a damage-dealing explosion punch, repeat for a combo. Petrified enemies will take extra damage and drop rubble when destroyed. Picking up this rubble will boost atlas’s armor and heal him. This damage is affected by all ability strength mods.

Tectonics: Create a rock wall to block something, activate it once again to send it towards an enemy to damage them.

Petrify: Atlas will unleash his power which will turn his enemies into fossilizes foes. This ability heals Rumblers, and creates Petrified Bulwarks. Petrified enemies will drop healing rubble for Atlas.

Rumblers: Atlas’s ultimate which summons two more punchy bois that can punch everyone and support you. This ability is affected by duration and strength mods. There are multiple builds available which focus solely on Rumblers because it’s that good.

How To Farm Atlas Prime – Atlas Prime Relics

  • Atlas Prime Neuroptics (Rare2.00%) – Axi A6
  • Atlas Prime blueprint (Uncommon 25.33%) – Lith D1
  • Atlas Prime Chassis Blueprint (Uncommon 11.00%) – Meso E3
  • Atlas Prime Systems Blueprint (Uncommon 11.00%) – Neo A3

Read our Relic Farming guide to find the right spots for these relics right away.

Once the prime access drops, the relics for the parts will be added in the game. The names of relics along with the part names will be added here.

I will be updating the website with information such as the right builds, Tekko and Deth Prime Farming locations. You can bookmark this page to come back later.

Do comment below if you are excited about this frame, I surely am.