How To Get Tekko Prime – Relics

Last Updated on November 12, 2022

How To Get Tekko Prime Relics – Tekko Prime will be arriving with Atlas Prime access and all tenno will be able to farm this in-game soon. For the uninitiated, Tekko is atlas’s signature weapon that looks like a pair of fists. They have low range and status but offer a high critical chance, this also goes well with all his abilities.

Tekko – Tekko means “iron” and “armor”, it also refers to a fist type weapon that is created to increase the damage dealt by the wielder.

I am so obsessed with the primed variants of everything that DE creates, just look at the detailing of the weapon and how well it has been designed. All the primed variants have better stats, but the real end-game is fashion frame and the primed variants with their shiny armor are cherry-on-top.


  • Mastery: 2
  • Weapon Type: Melee
  • Attack Speed: 0.917
  • Crit Chace: 30%
  • Crit Multiplier: 2.0x
  • Status Chance: 10%

These are the stats of the non-primed variant, as you might already know, the primed variant offers better stats. I will be updating this section once the update arrives.

Advantages of Tekko

  • Tekko offers a high critical chance
  • Primarily deals a lot of slash damage. Remember slash is the best damage type in the game.
  • Tekko is one of the highest critical chance weapons in the game
  • Tekko is perfectly paired with Atlas and goes well with his abilities.

The only thing that I didn’t like about Tekko is that it has really low range. I am someone who used Atterax and Orthos Prime for a long time, so the low range affects me a lot. But if you are using it with Atlas, most of the things should work out fine.

Tekko Prime Relic Farming

  • Tekko Prime Blueprint – Lith L2 (Uncommon)
  • Tekko Prime Gauntlet – Meso W1 (Uncommon)
  • Tekko Prime Blade – Neo T2 (Rare)

The relics will be added to the game on October 1, 2019. The list of relics will be updated in this article.

We have also written an article about Atlas’s Prime relics that you can read.