How To Get Dethcube Prime – Relics

Last Updated on November 12, 2022

How To Get Dethcube Prime – Dethcube is one of the best sentinels in the game after Carrier Prime. But the problem with Carrier is that it comes with a shotgun, whereas Dethcube comes with a rifle called Deth Machine Rifle. After the addition of riven mods in the game, many things have become viable for mid and end-game, and this works with the deth rifle too.

Update arrival time October 1, 2019. PS4 and Xbox will follow soon.

Dethcube Prime Stats

  • Type: Sentinel
  • Default Weapon: Deth Machine Rifle
  • Base Range: 15m
  • Exclusive Mods: Swift Deth, Vaporize, Energy Generator

The primed variant will obviously offer better stats, we will be updating the stats here once the update is dropped.

My useless text: I am so obsessed with the primed variants of everything that DE creates, just look at the detailing of the weapon and how well it has been designed. All the primed variants have better stats, but the real end-game is fashion frame and the primed variants with their shiny armor are cherry-on-top.

With the Arrival of Atlas Prime and Tekko Prime, Dethcube Prime will be also dropping. So anyone who is excited

People might treat Dethcube as mastery fodder, but I certainly think it is one of the good sentinels that one can use. The rifle is also good if it is paired with a +damage and +multishot riven mod. Deth Machine Rifle shoots really fast so if you build it for corrosive and blast, you’ll have enemies knocking down constantly.

How To Get Dethcube Prime

  • Dethcube Prime Systems – Axi P2 (Uncommon)
  • Dethcube Prime Blueprint – Lith D1 (Rare)
  • Dethcube Prime Cerebrum – Meso D4 (Rare)
  • Dethcube Prime Carapace – Neo T2 (Uncommon)

The update has not arrived yet, this section will be updated on the day of the update. Once the relics are added, you can use our relic farming guide to farm many relics at ease.

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