Warframe Nightwave Challenges This Week – Guide

Introducing Warframe Nightwave Challenges – Warframe made a huge change recently, that huge change had the old alert system removed. The alert system was not very reliable and was a huge pain if you had to farm something like Nitain Extract. They finally did listen to the community and announced something that they have more … Read more

What Engine Does Warframe Use?

Warframe is a free to play third-person cooperative shooter published by Digital Extremes. Founded by James Schmalz, the game has been running on the Evolution engine since its debut in 2013. Evolution is Digital Extremes’ propriety engine, used for developing their current rotation of games. The engine is constantly updated to keep up with the … Read more

Echoes of War: Banshee & Mirage Prime Vault: Hotfix 31.1.5

Mirage Prime and Banshee Prime have returned from the vault. The hotfix also brings a fix bug fixes and changes. The compensation script for bad Lich/Sister rewards was completed yesterday on all platforms!  Full detailed post here. Changes:  Made several armor placement adjustments for the Grendel Nian skin.  Kuva will now always have its Item Label … Read more

Update 29.6.0: Operation Orphix Venom Patch Notes

Operation Orphix Venom Patch Notes – Operation Orphix Venom will be coming to PC today, the most exciting part about the update is the new frame called Lavos. There will be a few more things that will arrive with the update but the notable one is the frame, and with the frame, we will also … Read more

Heart of Deimos Update 29 Patch Notes

Heart of Deimos Patch Notes – The update is dropping today with huge number of changes, a new frame called Xaku, new infested open-world planet and a lot more. There’s nothing much to talk about, everyone is excited about the update and the new quest. The patch notes will be posted here shortly. Heart of … Read more