Warframe Nightwave Challenges This Week – Guide

Introducing Warframe Nightwave Challenges – Warframe made a huge change recently, that huge change had the old alert system removed. The alert system was not very reliable and was a huge pain if you had to farm something like Nitain Extract. They finally did listen to the community and announced something that they have more control upon.

Another great thing about Nightwave Challenges is that you can get platinum only items such as slots, Orokin catalysts, Orokin Reactors considering you farm enough Nightwave currency to obtain them.

Adding a free way to obtain paid things is a game-changer for a free-game such as Warframe. Where EA is adding every possible way to charge you, Digital Extremes keeps on introducing free things that amaze me still.

Warframe Nightwave Challenges This Week

This article will be updated with weekly alerts whenever they are updated:

  • Earth Miner – Mine 6 Rare Gems or Ore in the Plains of Eidolon
  • Eliminator – Complete 3 Exterminate missions
  • Rescuer – Complete 3 Rescue missions
  • Unlock Relics – Unlock 3 Relics
  • Don’t Fear the Reaper – Complete 3 Kuva Siphon missions
  • Kill Shot – Kill 1500 Enemies
  • Hyrolyst Hunter – Kill or Capture an Eidolon Hydrolyst

The challenges for this week are really easy and for someone like me who plays this game almost 6-7 hours a day. I complete almost every challenge within a day or two.

Season 3 will be ending in a few weeks. Start grinding, you can still get everything even if you start late.

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