Keep of Honed Edges Challenge, Harbinger’s Seclude Location

This week’s challenge is Keep of Honed Edges. Guardians will have to head to Harbinger’s Seclude to complete it. Completing these challenges is a hard task for new players, especially the new light ones. Similar to every week, our guide this week will explain the challenge this week. Including the location and challenge details, continue … Read more

Forfeit Shrine Challenge, Gardens of Esila Location

Another week, another challenge. There are six challenges, locating and remembering these are difficult for many players, especially the new light ones. This guide will specifically focus on the Forfeit Shrine Challenge and where the Gardens of Esila is located. If you are someone who is trying to obtain titles such as cursebreaker and stuff, … Read more

Shattered Ruins Challenge, Spine of Keres Location

This week we have to head to Spine of Keres to complete the Shattered Ruins challenge. As mentioned in my earlier challenge guides, these challenges are difficult to figure out for new players. Also, the portals are located inside various lost sectors spread across the whole dreaming city. These challenges are really important if you … Read more

How To Get Ruinous Effigy Catalyst

Ruinous Effigy quest just dropped with the latest reset, players are busy farming for the weapon. The quest is long and will take a while for most players to complete. One thing that most might not know about it, that there’s a catalyst as well for the gun. The Ruinous Effigy is the newest weapon … Read more

All Calcified Light Fragments Location – Destiny 2

A new quest has popped up for Guardians to complete, the quest is called Growth. There are multiple steps to go through, as usual, one of them is called Pendulum. In this quest step, Guardians have to collect Calcified Light fragments on Io, Titan, Mars, and Mercury using Ghost’s Nav mode. The whole quest step … Read more