How To Get The Lord of Wolves Catalyst – Destiny 2

Lord of Wolves is not a shotgun that needs any introduction, the shotgun was known for causing chaos back in Season 7, people went nuts, everyone was using it. The gun had the furthest ranges and there was no competitor at all. Dropping 45-50 kills was a breeze if you knew how to use it … Read more

How To Get The Symmetry Exotic Catalyst – Destiny 2

Everyone in the game must be wondering about this newly added gun, you will be seeing a lot of it in the few starting days of the season. Currently, there are two ways of obtaining it; The first way is buying the season pass for $10 or 1000 silver, this will give you access to … Read more

How To Get Major Fractaline Harvest – Destiny 2 Season of Dawn

Having troubles farming this particular resource in game? – Don’t worry, In this guide, we will talk about How To Get Major Fractaline in Destiny 2. Major Fractaline Harvest is a new resource that was introduced with the Season of Dawn update. This resource is particularly required for fueling the Obelisks that are attached to … Read more

How To Get Python – Gambit Ritual Season of Dawn Destiny 2

In this guide we will find out how to get the newly added Python Shotgun from Drifter. Ritual weapons are the downgraded version of what we used to called pinnacle weapons. The developers had decided that pinnacle weapons were breaking the game and stopped making them after Season of The Undying. Last time we had … Read more