How To Farm Solstice Key Fragments Easily

Last Updated on October 14, 2022

Solstice Key Fragments are required to open the Solstice Packages. These fragments are a important part of the Solstice of The Heroes event and will come in use to upgrade the armor sets (the glowing ones).

The Solstice Packages contain planetary materials, vendor tokens, enhancement cores, mods and a lot of blue stuff. Once you have unlocked the armor sets, you can open these packages to get random rolls for the armor as well.

Note: Each package requires 15 Solstice Key Fragments to unlock.

Last year players were able to farm these fragments easily by afking many activities such as forge. This has been patched and won’t work anymore.

How To Farm Solstice Key Fragments Easily

Complete Eva Levante Bounties

Eva Levante will give you bounties everyday, these bounties will have some activity or task similar to other bounties in game. You can complete most of these during your everyday activities.

Fast and Efficient EAZ Runs

Reddit user has created an EAC chest locations map that you can use to complete and collect most chest possible in a single run. The best way to farm the fragments is EAZ runs, complete as many as you can and you will be rewarded. Each chest will contain one or two fragments.

You will also passively earn the fragments by completing activities such as Crucible, Strikes etc. The new Nightfalls will probably drop more fragments compared to the legacy ones, I will also update the numbers here once we have them.

You can also purchase the Solstice Key Magnet from Eververse, I am not sure if they will bring it this year but I’ll will make sure to update this.