EAZ Chest Locations and Route – Solstice of Heroes 2020 Guide

Last Updated on October 14, 2022

EAZ Chest Locations – The Solstice of Heroes update will be dropping with the latest reset, the activity was full of grind last year. There was the MMXIX title, a shiny armor that became stale within a month and a lot more. Bungie announced in their TWAB that changes will be made to this.

Now let’s talk about EAZ (European Aerial Zone). This is a new zone added to EDZ specifically for the event, this is also the place where you have to complete your bounties for upgrading the Solstice Armor (ornaments this time). In EAZ you have to take down mini-bosses, the number of chests spawning, in the end, depends on the number of these bosses that you eliminate.

EAZ Chest Locations

Update: Seems like they’ve added chests to new locations. I am trying to find out if they have taken out the 21 chests limit.

The maps given below are created by a reddit user Red_Head_Hippo:

EAZ Chest Route

All 21 chest locations are marked on the map given below. Follow the order as shown and you will achieve the highest efficiency. This is great for those who are going to get the armor for all three characters.

P.S. If you are near a chest, it will be automatically highlighted on your screen.

Detailed Chest Route

Important things that the user mentioned in his reddit thread:

  • The map doesn’t show routes to the chests located on the outer islands, since these are easy to spot.
  • Always start from the bottom and then head to the top. This will make it easier and you won’t have to climb again and again and waste time.
  • No sparrow usage while following the map given above.

That’s all for the chest locations in EAZ, hopefully this guide helped you out.