Keep of Honed Edges Challenge, Harbinger’s Seclude Location

Last Updated on October 14, 2022

This week’s challenge is Keep of Honed Edges. Guardians will have to head to Harbinger’s Seclude to complete it. Completing these challenges is a hard task for new players, especially the new light ones.

Similar to every week, our guide this week will explain the challenge this week. Including the location and challenge details, continue reading to find out.

Harbinger’s Seclude Location

To complete the challenge, first, you must head to the lost sector in Dreaming City. Follow the steps given below:

  • Spawn at Divilian Mist
  • Make your way to the temple at Rheasilvia
  • Head to the end of the Dark Monastery mission, where players encounter Huggin for the first time
  • Use the map below for guidance
  • Once you head outside from the door, there will a gigantic statue.
  • Pop your Tincture of Queensfoil, the Ascendant Portal will appear.

If the steps given above are hard to understand, watch the video given at the end of this article.

Keep of Honed Edges Challenge

This might be the hardest challenge of all. After you head inside the Ascendant Portal, make your way to the middle lit up area. This is where you will find enemies, take them out. After taking down the enemies, you will able to pick up the relic (sword), using this sword you have to down the three knights.

Once you have taken down the knights, follow Toland and use the platforms to head to the chest location. Some of these platforms will disappear within a few seconds of you touching it. Once you are at the final location, the chest will spawn. Collect your loot and head out from the Ascendant Plane.

Here’s a video for help:

That’s all for this week’s challenge.