Best Gyre Builds in Warframe

Last Updated on October 18, 2022

Gyre is the latest addition to Warframes following the Angels of the Zariman expansion. Whether you intend to get Gyre’s Blueprints from the Zariman Bounties, then craft her in the Foundry or purchase her from the in-game Market to top up your Arsenal collection, you must take advantage of Gyre’s abilities to create the best builds before going to war. This guide gives you an insight into the best Gyre builds that can get you through the toughest missions. 

How to Build Gyre

To build this Warframe, you need first to build and combine the Systems, Neuroptics, and Chassis blueprints. Players can acquire these blueprints by bounties for the Holdfasts within the Chrysalith hub. The Chassis and Neuroptics blueprints are accessible between levels 50-55 and 70-75 of the Zariman bounty. Systems are obtainable between levels 110 and 115 of the bounty.

After acquiring all the blueprints, players can use them to build Gyre at the Foundry using the following components:


  • 15,000 credits
  • 8 Morphic
  • 500 Thrax Plasm
  • 12 Warframe Entrati Lanthorn
  • 3,300 Alloy Plate


  • 15,000 credits
  • 6 Warframe Neural Sensors
  • 300 Thrax Plasm
  • 69 Voidgel Orbs
  • 4,500 Plastids


  • 15,000 credits
  • 300 Thrax Plasm
  • 40 Voidplume Quills
  • 6,500 Ferrite

Combining all the above components with 3 Orokin Cells and 25,999 credits builds the Warframe.

Gyre Builds

Before we delve into the builds, it’s essential to understand how Gyre’s weaknesses can affect a build. 

Electricity, Gyre’s greatest strength, is also her biggest weakness. The damage type is great for controlling a general crowd, but it contains a great damage penalty against most Grinder units in the game. For this reason, your build should have some armor strip or a way of gaining Corrosive Damage.

Gyre’s base shield value affects shield gating. They are too high to depend only on spamming the first ability. To get a full shield gate using your second ability, you’ll need to use a lower Ability Efficiency of about 75% and two Augur Mods. Consider using more Fleeting Expertise and Augur mods, Arcane Energise, Zenurik Focus school, or Zaws containing Energy-regenerating Arcanes.

Starter Build

The Starter build is a no subsume, and no forma build. It specs for more Ability Strength and Range while the other stats get minor buffs. The much Ability Strength crits your abilities when Cathode Grace is up and improves the lethality of the other three abilities. The Energy Regen stacks with Energy Siphon, giving you about 3.5 Energy per second. 

This mode uses the fairly accessible Mods, so it’s easy to replicate. Note that in this build, you don’t require the Arcanes. Instead, use your Aura Mods that suit Gyre’s default polarity and replace Umbral Intensify with one of its standard counterparts. 

Gyre has little survivability in her kit, so consider using a form of life steal on weapons to round out the playstyle successfully. You can also use Rolling Guard in Vitality or any weapon with high critical chances, like a bullet hose.

Late-Game Build

The Late-Game Build uses shield regain to cast abilities, Rolling Guard, Decaying Dragon Key, and either Gloom or Breach Surge to sustain Gyre in difficult level content. Survivability is Gyre’s biggest problem, and this build focuses on handling that. Two Augur Mods and Brief Respite makes your Coil Horizon restore the shields. If you’re substituting Breach Surge for Gloom, the shield gate will retrigger. 

This build also focuses on Strength, Duration, and Range. Strength makes your abilities crit when Cathode Grace is active while the extra Duration keeps Rotorswell for 40 seconds. To make the negative Efficiency activate the shield gate, spec for more Duration. This improves Gyre’s survivability through either Breach Surge or Gloom. If you don’t have Arcane Energize, you’ll need to use another Energy Regen form like Zenurik and Zaws.

The trick is to ensure that your third and fourth abilities remain active for longer while your second ability clumps enemies together. When your enemy has no armor, Rotorswell discharges, and your Electricity procs will cause substantial damage. Use Gloom to shock and ragdoll enemies for longer. For more DPS, use Breach in place of Gloom. The Electricity procs keep activating Breach Surge, thus causing more damage to enemies within your Coil Horizon.


Gyre can be fun and strong. If you need a deadly Warframe with useful abilities, get Gyre. It gets even better with these Gyre builds that bring out the Warframe’s features and abilities. Both builds are useful in all situations since they can deal with damage against high-level enemies.