What Focus School Should I Choose After Second Dream Quest?

Last Updated on November 11, 2022

So, one of my clan mate asked me this question today. His question was exactly this

What Focus School Should I Choose After Second Dream Quest?

My answer to him was simple, go with Zenurik, since we do a lot of long runs and constant energy is really important. But things might be different for other players, everyone has different play styles. So in this article I will cover which Focus school you should go for after completing the Second Dream quest.

Tenno Focus Schools

About Different Schools

  • Zenurik – This school focus on Energy and regen.
  • Vazarin – Deals with health
  • Unairu – Deals with armor and damage increment
  • Madurai – Mostly deals with Void damage, elemental and physical damage.
  • Naramon – Stealth Melee damage and affinity boost.

Most important out of all these is Energy if you ask me. Once you have completed the quest, the game doesn’t actually tell you what school does what, the language is something that everyone might understand. I went with Madurai when I had completed my quest because I really liked the Void beam that attacked the enemy. But later on, I found out more about the focus schools and Focus Farming. I farmed Focus later on and put all my focus points in Zenurik for unlimited energy and the game became better and easy for me.

So, what is the Answer

My answer is still the same, go with Zenurik. If you have just completed the Second Dream quest that means that you are still early in the game. In early game you will have to run a lot of missions solo and the requirement of energy is absurd.

Keep in mind that this is my own opinion, you can change the focus schools based on your play style. If you are into Eidolon capturing and Arcane farming, it is recommended to go with Unairu and Mardurai focus schools.

My own recommendation towards Zenurik is just because of two reasons

  • Free Energy
  • Focus Farming is not easy early game

Thank you for reading this article.