Zephyr Prime Relics Farming & Best Build

Last Updated on November 11, 2022

Zephyr Prime has finally arrived, those whole love flying around can finally farm their favorite frame right away. Alongwith Zephyr Prime, Tiberon Prime and Kronen Prime have been added which are pretty powerful in terms of stats.

Zephyr Prime, similar to all the primed variants of every frame features higher armor, bigger energy pool and faster sprint speed.

Zephyr Prime Stats

  • Mastery Rank – 6
  • Health – 150, 450 at Rank 30
  • Shield – 150, 450 at Rank 30
  • Polarities – V V D –
  • Aura Polarity – D

Farm Zephyr Prime Relics

  • Blueprint – Neo Z1 Rare
  • Neuroptics – Lith H2 Common
  • Chassis – Neo K1 Uncommon
  • Systems – Lith Z1 Rare

Zephyr Prime

Read our Relic Farming Guide to find out how you can farm the relics easily and obtain the new primed Warframe easily.

Manufacturing Requirements

Best Build

The below video has been done by Tactical Potato, he is one of my favorite Warframe YouTubers who knows what he is talking about. His build is quite simple to understand and will help you make your Zephyr survive end-game.

You need to forma your frame once with V polarity to fit with the build.


There are literally no buffs to her health and shields, I still got one shotted by various enemies with a turnbulence turned on and maxed redirection installed. Maybe my play-style is too weird, I like the enemies way too much that I keep hugging them lol. For me, Zephyr was always a POE only frame that helped me move around because I never was able to craft the Archwing Launcher.