How To Get Revenant in Warframe

Last Updated on October 18, 2022

As one of the most sought-after Warframes, there is no doubt Revenant gets the spotlight it deserves within Warframe. Revenant’s certain qualities on survivability, damage, and crowd control are among these reasons. 

For instance, Revenant is a top-tier Warframe with warrior-like capabilities to defeat foes. First, Revenant has “Enthrall,” a powerful ability that eliminates enemies and disintegrates them into energy pillars. 

Additionally, Revenant can also offer unique defensive abilities with the “Mesmer Skin,” able to stun and damage anyone who attacks. Not forgetting, Revenant’s knack to harness the essence of Eidolon enables him to mystify and kill off foes. 

With that in mind, you could be wondering how to get Revenant as part of your Warframe arsenal. 

Today, we are set to answer this question plus explore more of the intricate details. Let’s dive right into it. 

How To Get The Revenant Warframe

The Revenant Warframe comes out with a list of prerequisites before even getting the character. 

You will need to acquire the Revenant’s blueprints using different approaches for beginners. 

First, you will need to acquire the Revenant’s primary blueprint from the Mask of the Revenant quest. However, even before starting and completing this quest, you will have to unlock it after reaching the “Observer” rank with the Quills. 

The Mask of the Revenant quest

The Mask of the Revenant is a quest that involves the character taking on an alternative persona. Each player can initiate this quest from the Nakak, a vendor of oddities and masks in Cetus. Nakak acts as a link receiving a vision from Unum while explaining the Warden’s story. 

Inside the quest, you explore the “Operator” decorative mask, leading to an in-game walkthrough. 

This walkthrough involves taking on the “Mask of the Lost One” and embarking on completing the story. 

On this quest, each player will undergo the following stages.

A Present-Day Threat Looms

The start of the quest involves first equipping the Lost One’s Mask on your Operator. After you are set to proceed to the Plain of Eidolon at night, then follow the southwest side route of the Gara Toht Lake.

You will need to interact with an energy blotch having a hand at the lakeside. Nakak would then instruct you to rebuild the ‘lost one’ through existing relics from the Grinner. 

Each player must then start a Bounty to explore and build parts of the Revenant Warframe. However, if you already own a component of Revenant, then Nakak will instruct you to proceed. 

A Terror Long Forgotten

This mission section will have you once again make a night trip to the Plains of Eidolon. Once there, a player has to take the white waypoint till they reach the northeast of the Gara Toht Lake. Here, a specter appears, and you interact with another energy from the ground. 

Nakak would later have another Unum vision, informing her how the Warden struck down the Sentient till it hesitated at one point. 

From here, you are required to head over to the Bounties to explore and build another component of The Revenant. 

The Lost One

Once again, you will need to finally interact with another Sentient energy blotch at night. However, this final blotch lives on the river between the Ranchi Spring and Gara Toh Lake. 

Nakak also receives a final vision, and after that, a Revenant Specter comes out and begins attacking. You will have to defeat this specter since it is the Eidolon’s Mask. With a defeat of this Revenant Specter, the Warden transforms into the Revenant Warframe(Eidolon’s Mask) and emerges. 

You will need to drive back and defeat the Revenant for the Warframe to leave behind its blueprint. After, you can now rebuild the Lost One and have the primary blueprint as your reward. 

Acquiring Revenant Warframe Blueprints

While the Revenant’s main blueprint is a reward from the quest, other blueprints are available through a different approach. In particular, the component blueprints are available from Bounties within the Plains of Eidolon. 

These components’ blueprints plus their manufacturing requirements include:

  • Revenant Main blueprint– requires 25,000 Credits, the Chassis blueprint, Neuroptics blueprint, Systems blueprint, and one Orokin cell. 
  • Neuroptics blueprint– the manufacturing resources for this blueprint include 15,000 Credits, 3 Neural Sensors, 15 Intact Sentient Core, 6,000 Polymer Bundle, and 2,000 Rubedo. 
  • Chassis blueprint– this blueprint needs resources such as 15,000 Credits, 3 Morphic, 10 Intact Sentient Core, 1,500 Rubedo, and 50 Iradite. 
  • Systems blueprint– each Systems blueprint needs the following resources; 15,000 Credits, 3 Control Module, 3 Cetus Wisp, 8,000 Salvage, and 3,000 Polymer Bundle. 

Each component blueprint has a 12-hour building time, although you can rush each process with 25 Platinum. 

On the other hand, the Revenant’s Main blueprint has a three-day build time and will need you to build other blueprints beforehand. A rushed build process will also cost you an additional 50 Platinum. 

However, you can take the short route of purchasing this primary blueprint for 325 Platinum within Warframe’s market. 


If the Revenant Warframe is your favorite pick, you are in luck. Our guide gives you knowledge beforehand of what to expect and do. So, go ahead and explore building your own Revenant Warframe from scratch.