How to Find Zarium Accolade in Warframe

Last Updated on November 2, 2022

The Zarium Accolade is one of the most sought-after items in Warframe, thanks to its interactable nature and ability to spawn in the Zariman Ten Zero tileset. But it’s also a risky item to hold as once it’s in your possession, it prevents you from using any weapons you have.

Picking up the Zarium Accolade drops any primary weapon you were using. Thus, before picking it up, it’s essential that you clear the area where you find it to ensure there’s no enemy in sight who may attack you at your most vulnerable.

Ways of Finding the Zarium Accolade

While it’s possible to locate Zarium Accolades in Zariman, you’ll have to work for it. The Accolades are elusive, so finding where they spawn is easier said than done. Still, if you know where to look, there is a high likelihood of finding the bounty.

A good place to start is the mission maps. If you know how to read them properly, you may be able to find a ballpark location where an Accolade might spawn. However, before then, you’ll have to play and complete the main Angels of the Zariman quest to unlock Zarium missions.

Once you’ve completed the main game and moved on to the missions, it’s time to evaluate your maps. Typically, Zarium Accolades will spawn close to Cephalon Melica Terminals, as that’s where the Accolades are delivered for your Tenno to collect the bounty reward.

On the mission maps, Cephalon Terminals will be highlighted by pink marks. Once you start playing, head over in the direction of the pink marks and search nearby. Typically, the Accolades won’t be too far from the Cephalon Terminals.

Another way of locating Zarium Accolades is using Golden Instinct. This feature expends some energy in return for a 5-second Void Spark that points you in the general direction of the bounty.

However, because Golden Instinct scans for different treasures and loots within 200 meters, you’ll need to act fast to head in the direction of a possible Zarium Accolade. While using the Golden Instinct, keep an eye on your minimap as it might reveal icons where you can find an Accolade.

How Can I Tell if an Object is the Zarium Accolade?

Although the object often appears in three variants with different designs, its dimensions are roughly the same – the length of a Warframe’s arm. An additional identifying element is The Holdfasts Syndicate emblem on the object’s guard. Fortunately, The Holdfasts Syndicate is one of the most recognizable crests in Warframe, so it’s hard to miss.

Still, even before you see the Zarium Accolade, there’s a distinctive telltale that will alert you to its presence. If you’re within the location of this valuable object, the first giveaway will be a shimmering or ringing sound.

So, it’s essential that as you play the game, you listen carefully to your surroundings, lest you miss out on the chance of collecting an Accolade.

If you’re fortunate enough to locate one, the Accolade will start sparkling once you’re within 10 meters of picking it up. It will also start emitting shiny particles, making it easier to notice, especially when it’s located somewhere with a contrasting background like dense foliage.

What Next After Finding Zarium Accolades?

Once you find a Zarium Accolade, head over to the nearby Cephalon Terminals. These terminals enable you to collect the bounty by exchanging an Accolade for a Voidplume Quills.

Tenno’s use Voidplume Quills to improve their standing and The Holdfasts syndicate rank. So, the more Quills you obtain, the more you can grow in rank. Similarly, Quills can be used to craft materials for Gyre, Praedos, Phenmor, and Laetum.

There are two caches of Zarium Accolade you can find and unlock in every mission on the Zariman Ten Zero tileset.

While finding these elusive spawn items is fun and comes with perks like a higher rank in the syndicate, there have been reports of terminals not spawning or the lack of a bounty objective in some instances. Should you experience this bug, the only way to remedy it is to restart the mission.

Hopefully, with the tips above, you’ll have an easier time finding Zarium Accolades as you complete each mission.