Destiny 2 Garden of Salvation Loot Table: Weapons & Armor

Last Updated on November 2, 2022

Destiny 2’s Garden of Salvation might not be the newest game in town, but it has one of the best raid loots in the entire ecosystem. The game features loot, unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere.

As we’ll see below, Garden of Salvation boasts a whole suite of new weapons and armor that players can collect in the raid.

Armor and weapons in Garden of Salvation’s raids are the most sought-after gear. If you prefer finding out the type of loot available as you play the game, this is a spoiler. If you like knowing what’s available and how you can get it into your arsenal, this is for you.

In this post, we look at the Garden of Salvation loot of weapons and armor that’s available for your taking.


Zealot’s Reward Fusion Rifle – Best in PVP

Few weapons are more vicious than Zealot’s reward if you fancy PVP gaming. When it was introduced in the game, it gained overnight notoriety as a PVP monster. It boasts impeccable base stats that you can build upon with multiple God Rolls to increase its potency.

While it’s not an easy job to make this monster of a weapon drop, it’s not as hard to get it as it is to get the Vex Mythoclast. The even better news is that you can get this fusion rifle by completing the first encounter of the raid, which means you don’t have to complete the raid.

It has 2 PVE God Roll perks:

Under Pressure

  • Rampage – kills with the Zealot’s increase how much damage it can make
  • Corkscrew rifling – increases range and handling speed slightly
  • Feeding frenzy – each kill increases the next reload times
  • Enhanced battery – increases the size of the magazine

High-Impact Reserves

  • Shield disorient – causes an enemy’s shield to explode by matching its element
  • Fluted barrel – improves handling speed and durability
  • Disruption break – using this weapon to break an enemy’s shield makes the enemy vulnerable to kinetic damage

Sacred Provenance Pulse Rifle – Best in PVE

Where Zealot’s Reward excels in PVP play, Sacred Provenance excels in PVE gameplay. The pulse rifle fires four bullets with a single trigger pull instead of the standard three bullets common with other pulse rifles.

Like the Zealot’s, this rifle has multiple perks that enhance its performance. These include:

  • Rapid Hit – increases stability and reload speed whenever you land precision shots
  • Kill Clip – increases damage inflicted on target whenever you reload after a kill

If you want a weapon that decimates the enemy swiftly, the Sacred Provenance does that with quick succession. With its four-round burst per trigger pull, you only need to aim, fire, reload, and repeat.

The weapon can drop for any boss in the Garden of Salvation, with rare reports of it dropping in the trash.

Unlike the Zealots, which you can get in the first encounter, you’ll have to complete the third encounter to get the Sacred provenance.

Omniscient Eye Sniper Rifle

A once sought-after sniper rifle, the Omniscient Eye has long lost its appeal to newcomers such as the 1000 Yard Stare. Still, it’s one of the best sniper rifles on Garden of Salvation.

While it’s excellent when you get it, its main handicap is how long it will take you to chance upon one. Besides, the only time you stand a chance of dropping one is by completing the final encounter of the Garden of Salvation.

It’s also handicapped by its limited perks, namely:

  • No distractions
  • Snapshot Sights

Ancient Gospel Hand Cannon

Reliability, consistency, and an excellent add clearing potential are where the Ancient Gosple’s strengths end. Although it’s worth keeping if you’re successful in finding a god roll, there is simply too much competition in this category.

While its base stats are above average, it still needs some perks to doctor it to a point where you’re confident using it. Its reload speed is wanting, but its recoil more than makes up for it, enabling you to predict its position during rapid fire.

As for gameplay mode, the Ancient Gospel is best suited for PVE as this is when you have multiple ways to build an Ancient Gospel god roll.

Perks for this gun include:

  • Rapid Hit
  • Dragonfly

You’ll need to complete the third encounter to get the gun, so it’s not hard to farm the weapon.

Accrued Redemption Bow

This bow in the Garden of Salvation is one of the most powerful bows in the Destiny stable. With the right god rolls, the Accrued Redemption is a powerhouse. The bow uses both Archer’s Tempo and Rapid Hit, which allows it to fire two shots a second at full charge.

One of its rolls, Explosive Head or Rampage, effectively stuns Unstoppables, breaks Anti-Barrier shields, or staggers Overload Champions. It may not be the most extravagant bow in the Destiny lineup, but it holds its own in PVE play.

The Accrued Redemption’s perks include:

  • Archer’s Tempo
  • Explosive Head/Rampage

Prophet of Doom Shotgun

For a shotgun, you’d expect the Prophet of Doom to inflict significant damage. However, it pales in comparison to some of its competitors. It also chews through ammo too quickly and is a pain to load when you need a fast load.

Its main problem is that it’s a Rapid Fire Frame archetype. However, with the right mods and god rolls, the prophet of doom can be an excellent shotgun for long-range attacks. This weapon gets 1-2 punch for PVE and opening shot for PVP.

Its perks are:

  • Full auto (or Feeding Frenzy
  • One-two punch

You’ll need to complete the second encounter of the Garden of Salvation raid to get this gun.


The armor in Garden of Salvation comes in three sets, one each for Warlock, Hunter, and Titan. The reception for these additions has been mixed in different quotas with love and hate in equal measure.

Below is the list of armors in each set.


  • Mask of righteousness
  • Gloves of exaltation
  • Robes of transcendence
  • Boots of ascendency
  • Temptation’s bond


  • Cowl of righteousness
  • Grips of exaltation
  • Vest of transcendence
  • Strides of ascendency
  • Cloak of temptation


  • Helm of righteousness
  • Gauntlets of exaltation
  • Plate of transcendence
  • Greaves of ascendency 
  • Temptation’s mark

Final Verdict

Although there are plenty of newer and better raid games available, the new set of weapons and armor in the Garden of Salvation Raid will certainly add character to your persona. It features a totally eccentric design and the obstacles you have to overcome to drop any loot and high-end gear make the game even more interesting.

Although the game is aging, there’s still a lot you can collect with every new challenge.