How To Earn Holdfast Standing in Warframe

Last Updated on November 2, 2022

Holdfast Standing in Warframe is a currency that increases a player’s Ranks with the Holdfast Syndicate. By earning Holdfast Standing, a player acquires Ranks. Although each Rank costs more Holdfast Standing than the preceding one, it helps progress a player’s relationship with the Holdfast Syndicate. 

A player earns Holdfast Standing by locating various Voidplumes. These Voidplumes have different variants where a high-level Voidplume provides more Holdfast Standing than the previous one. Once you’ve collected enough Voidplumes, you can trade them with Archimedean Yonta for Holdfast Standing.

How to find different Voidplumes for earning Holdfast Standing

The following are the Holdfast Standings a player gets from each Voidplume:

  1. Voidplume Down: 500 Standing
  2. Voidplume Vane: 1,000 Standing
  3. Voidplume Crest: 2,000 Standing
  4. Voidplume Quill: 2,500 Standing
  5. Voidplume Pinion: 5,000 Standing

Getting Voidplumes Down, Quill, And Crest

Voidplumes Crest, Quill, and Down are accessible in any Zariman mission. About eight Voidplumes will spawn as follows:

  • One Crest
  • Two Quills.
  • Five Down or Quills

There are unit orbs spread throughout Zariman. Activating them spawns a ghost of the Tenno. This will take you to the nearest Voidplume, Sonachord Tone, or Zariman Accolade.

In addition, the Helminth system’s Golden ability will take you to any other nearby Voidplumes. By spawning into the mission and laying waste to bootable containers on the minimap, either a Zariman Accolade or a Voidplume will persist. If it’s Voidplumes, grab them and repeat the process until you gather enough Voidplumes.

Finding Voidplume Quill

The quickest to find Voidplume Quills is by farming bounties. Although you can also collect them when they drop from Media Cashes spread all over Zariman level, bounties provide more Voidplume Quills. The best bounties to run are tied to either Void Flood or Exterminate. While Defense has lengthy bounties that need more time to complete, bounties from Void Armageddon are random.

It’s important to note that the higher the bounties tier, the more the Quills. You should run only the highest-tier bounties to avoid lengthy challenges because if you can complete a challenge fast, you’ll extract and claim the Voidplume Quills more quickly. The best bounty challenges are:

  • Kill 150 Grineer
  • Defeat a Dormant Void AngelĀ 

Finding Voidplume Pinion

You can only find Voidplume Pinion as they drop from Dormant Void Angels in Zariman levels. You’ll awaken it by communing with the Angel, and killing it will drop a Pinion. You can loot Angel’s body using Nekros’ Desecrate ability to get a second Pinion.

The best way of finding Voidplume Pinion is by farming bounties containing a Dormant Angel objective such as Halako Perimeter. Farming in such bounties is easy because the Angels will have a mark on your HUD during the whole mission. However, Halako Perimeter offers a faster solution once you identify the location where the Dormant Angels spawn. 

You can have one person in your team play Nekros to loot the Angel after it dies and earn a second Pinion and an additional Arcane. To get more Arcanes, have multiple Nekros and run the mission in Steel Path difficulty.

The Best Reputation Farms for Voidplume Pinions

When it comes to Voidplume reputation farms, a player has two options:

  • Farming Holdfast bounties.
  • Farming Dormant Void Angels.

Farming Holdfast bounties is easy for most players. Just look out for Void Flood bounties and Exterminate since they can easily speedrun. In addition, run Halako Perimeter using an Area of Effect (AoE) weapon and Nekros ability. Destroy every object in your minimap while grabbing all the Voidplumes you find.

Dormant Void Angels spawn in all Zariman missions, with each mission spawning one in any of the twelve different tiles in Zariman. The Void Angels, in this case, are hard to gather because they aren’t marked in your minimap unless you’re farming Angel-related bounties, and they also spawn in corners of the tiles.

Finding Pinions in Dormant Void Angels is fast when you’re in a collaborative group, and using Holdfast bounties is a more straightforward option. It all depends on your preference.


Earning Holdfast Standings in Warframe is essential. It gives you new Incarnon Weapons, Voidshell supplies, Dormizione Decorations, and Arcane Enhancements in Warframe. Holdfast Standings also take you through higher tier Ranks, making you better understand the Holdfast Syndicates. For instance, a rise from Fallen to Watcher Ranks exposes the Holdfasts’ past secrets to you.