Angels of the Zariman – Release Date, Quests, Weapons & Patch Notes

Last Updated on October 17, 2022

If you have been keeping up with the latest Warframe, you are probably aware of the anticipation of the Angels of the Zariman release date. Indeed, the Angel of the Zariman upgrade unveils the hidden background to the Tenno with a Cinematic quest saga that takes you through the acclaimed New War expansion.

The new Quest is an exciting free-to-play sci-fi quest featuring over 30-hours of one-player gameplay with a narrative-driven mission. 

For Warframe enthusiasts, we are set to explore what the Angels of The Zariman game quest brings with its addition. Will there be new Warframe characters, missions, or extra powers? Let us find out.

Angels of the Zariman Release

According to Warframe’s Development team, the New War Quest will assist players in exploring and becoming familiar with the insides of the Zarima ship. The release for this new Quest is set for April 27th, with players expecting a new Zariman Syndicate and NPC.

In this new Zariman ship, you can venture inside the Zariman Ten Zero and unlock a batch of latest additions ranging from characters, missions, and locations. The new Angels of the Zariman debut will have the following exclusive offers as per the release details.

New Warframe – Gyre

The introduction of the new Warframe, Gyre, is one of the primary reasons for the much hype surrounding the Angels of the Zariman update. As per the highlights, this new Gyre Warframe is an agile character with a flow-like outward aesthetic appearance.

You can also expect Gyre to feature new powers that will deal significant damage to your foes through spinning to generate electricity. For example, the Warframe is expected to have electric damage powers with abilities such as an Arcsphere and Rotorswell to deal bonus damage with each successful hit.

Additionally, the Gyre comes with a “Gyratory Sphere” capability as a signature weapon to deal high damage through a regenerative electric burst that shocks surrounding enemies with a fatal electrical discharge.

New Mission Quests

The Angels of The Zariman sequel also allows you to explore unique Warframe mission types while meeting new characters. These new mission quests allow players to explore new locations, meet new characters and customize their gameplay.

The Angels of the Zariman quest will allow players to explore these three new procedural missions.

  • Void Flood
  • Void Armageddon
  • Void Cascade

You can venture into each procedural mission through the Chrystalith social hub. This hub acts as an access platform that players can simultaneously access and change missions without load screens. With enough Chrysalith Standing points, you can unlock and customize new Dormizones, customizable apartments inside the Zariman Ten Zero.

Not forgetting, these Dormizone apartments allow players to create a safe home zone aboard the Zariman where they can relax and take a break from the Warframe action.

New Weapons

With a new Warframe and missions, you will expect a revamping of attack and defensive capabilities through the new weapons. The Angels of The Zariman quest is no different from introducing new weapons and capabilities for your Warframe or mission settings. Among these new electric-themed weapons and abilities with the Gyre Warframe include:

Alternox: This signature weapon allows the Gyre to attack in two varying electric fire modes. The primary mode shocks foes by discharging charged orbs, while the second mode shocks enemies through an electric bolt. 

Arcsphere– the destructive Arcsphere ability allows for the launch of a high-damage electric sphere(Gyratory Sphere) which periodically unleashes electric shocks to surrounding foes. 

Cathode Grace– the Cathode Grace allows for plays to gain extra Energy Regeneration and Critical Chance, with each successful kill extending the Cathode Grace capability. 

Coil Horizon- the Coil Horizon allows you to trigger a Gyratory Sphere attack against opponents manually. 

Rotorswell– the Gyre has the Rotorswell capability as a spinning mechanism that generates an electric field around the Warframe to shield it and shock surrounding enemies. 

In addition to new Warframe weapons, the new Zariman Crysalith also introduces a new NPC revealing a batch of Evolving Weapons. These weapons are set to evolve according to the challenges players complete during gameplay. In short, players can expect to unlock different levels of the evolving weapons and change them to their game style. 

These evolving weapon classes to expect are a rifle, pistol, dagger, shotgun, and an evolving tonfa. Keep in mind there is also a two-handed scythe as a new weapon stance within the Angels of The Zariman quest. 

Eximus Changes

For the Eximus rework, the Development team focused on adding a new level of difficulty to fights and in-game missions. Additionally, Eximus will work on offering Warframe players counterplay while also enhancing their formidableness. Meanwhile, the Eximus changes you can expect as part of the new mechanics include:

  • Blitz

The Blitz Eximus is a seismic shockwave knockdown available with a short-range. However, the changes will see the new Blitz Eximus summon a blast attack that comes out through fist slamming. The Blitz Eximus units also expect visual changes with the characters now covered in crackling energy alongside explosions from the units’ limbs. 

  • Energy Leech

The existing Energy Leech or Parasitic Eximus exists as an invisible aura that drains opponents’ energy in play. As per the expectation, the new Energy Leech Eximus will sporadically release an Energy Leech Zone, which detonates to drain surrounding opponents’ energy. Visual changes will also feature for the Energy Leech, with the units now spotting Void-like energy alongside short tendrils hanging from the characters’ bodies. Equally, the Energy Leech Zone will have a matching energy style before each Eximus detonates. 

  • Arson Eximus

As the name suggests, the Arson Eximus is a concussive fire blast attack with considerable damage and knockdown against enemies. The new Arson Eximus will maintain the Fireblast attack but is more formidable with a higher damage and heat status effect.

On visuals, you should expect the Arson Eximus to spot roaring flames with the units now capable of sending outbursts of deadly flames all over. 

Aesthetic Reworks

Much customization will occur on the visual options, with Warframe now focusing on a Fashion Frame as the endgame to its new updates. The customization will allow Warframe enthusiasts to select alternate textures plus themes on Warframe options. This aesthetic rework features textures on the Voidshell skins with a variety of skin collections set to include:

  • Saryn Voidshell collection

A collection including the Saryn Voidshell Skin plus the Spore Print, material for use on the Voidshell skins.

  • Rhino Voidshell collection

This collection features the Rhino Voidshell skin alongside the Titanium Sheen, a material for use on its Rhino Voidshell Skins.

  • Volt Voidshell collection

The Voidshell collection combines the Volt Voidshell Skin with the Crimzian Opulence, the material used in the Voidshell skins.

Wrapping Up

From the outlook, Warframe enthusiasts will be eager to explore this latest Zariman straight from its 27th April release. However, to experience the Angels of the Zariman content, you may have to complete previous Warframe missions such as Vor’s Prize, Stolen Dreams, Natah, The War Within, The Archwing, Once Awake, Apostasy Prologue, Rising Tide, and The Sacrifice. 

Once you complete all these story missions, you can now enjoy the whole experience of the Angels of The Zariman.