How to Get Protea in Warframe

Last Updated on October 17, 2022

When playing any game, you always strive to utilize any new feature or characters present in the game since they enable you to explore a different gaming experience. Protea is a new Warframe that was added recently into the game. Protea’s funny and unique character makes it possible for you to enjoy playing any mission using this Warframe. The special abilities of this Warframe make it ideal to be used in either team or solo mode.

How to Farm Protea

To acquire Protea blueprints, you should successfully win the deadlock protocol quest in several missions. You can also acquire the remaining parts to build Protea from the Granum crown.

1st mission

This mission will be against 13 enemies, taking place at the Cytherean node on the planet, Venus. To win this mission, you need to win all three rounds. At each round, you will be contacted by Nef Anyo and involved in some dialogue. When this mission is over, you will visit Eudico on planet Venus. You will then have to trace her to the screen meeting room. After communicating with her, you are free to go back to the Orbiter and proceed with mission two.

2nd mission

The mission takes place on the planet Venus, and you will have to defend a total of two points. 0nce you have defended the two points, you should extract and end the mission. Throughout this mission, Nef will continue revealing important storylines, in which you should visit Eudico and tell her what is happening.

3rd mission

It takes place on Phobos. While in this mission, you should follow all the waypoints and eventually kill the enemy who has the Granum Tribute and transfer it to the tribute. You should ensure no enemies around as you interact with tribute, and a new realm will be teleported to you as you continue interacting. You will be awarded a blueprint for the success of Xoris Glaive’s weapon once you return to the Orbiter.

4th mission

This is a spy mission and takes place in Europa. A stealthy Warframe is ideal for this mission, and not forgetting, Ciphers are vital for any hacking you will be doing. You will be able to acquire Xoris parts from the vaults you hack. After acquiring these parts, you should return and build them at the Orbiter.

5th mission

It is the last quest mission and takes place on Neptune. You will need to fight Protea by using the Xoris. You can do this by throwing the Xoris and damaging the specters, making them a ghost, and by doing so, you will charge the Xoris. Once it is fully charged, you can use it to interrupt Protea. Once you are successful in this mission, you will acquire the main blueprint. You should also have a Granum crown to acquire the component blueprints.

Granum Crown types

·         Exemplar crown- it mainly drops from the Protea chassis, and it gives you entrance into the extended void.

·         Zenith Granum crown- It drops from Protea systems and enables you to access the Nightmare Void.

·         The crown- drops from Protea Neuroptics enable you to access Granum Void.

Crafting Protea

The following are required while crafting Protea

Protea systems

·         15,000 credits

·         1000 cryotic

·         Ten control module

·         13,400 Ferrite

·         3,500 copernics

Protea Nueroptics

·         11,500 salvage

·         1,150 polymer bundle

·         15,000 credits

·         Five neural sensors

·         1,250 cubic diodes

Protea Cassis

·         20,000 alloy plate

·         2,750 carbides

·         15,000 credits

·         12 Morphic

·         550 Oxium

Protea Blueprint

·         One Protea Nueroptics

·         25,000 credits

·         One protea chassis

·         3 Orokin cell

·         One protea systems

Protea Abilities

·         Temporal Anchor enables Protea to rewind her initial health, status, and energy levels. This ability can also make come back to life after she is dead.

·         Blaze artillery- This ability enables Protea to deploy artillery that can cause damage to enemies with a range of 30 meters.

·         Grenade Fan- It generates a shrapnel vortex that leads to slashing damage.

·         Dispensary- This ability unleashes a static device with energy orbs, health orbs, and universal ammo packs.

Final Thought

Farming this Warframe requires some patience, but once you acquire all the blueprints, all your missions will be a walk in the park. Ensure you fully utilize its abilities to defeat your enemies and win many missions.