How to Unlock the Exotic Glaives in Destiny 2

Last Updated on October 17, 2022

With the launch of the Witch Queen expansion, Bungie introduced the Glaive weapon type.  The glaive is a melee weapon that can also fire projectiles.  The first glaive you get is early in the campaign as the game gives you the tutorial for Weapon Crafting.  Check our Weapon Crafting guide here.  As expected with every new weapon type, an exotic is also available.  There are three exotic glaives introduced in The Witch Queen: one per character class.  

Edge of Intent – Warlock specific and creates healing turret

Edge of Action – Titan specific and creates miniature bubble

Edge of Concurrence – Hunter specific and shoots lightning

This guide will show you how to unlock all three exotic glaives.

After completing the Witch Queen campaign, you need to go to the Enclave landing zone in Savathun’s Throne World.  Near the Postmaster and Vault in this social space, there is an Evidence Board that provides quests.

There are multiple quests on this board to complete.  The most frustrating involve running the Wellspring activity on certain days in order to procure drops of particular weapons that you will be able to extract Patterns and craft your version of the weapon.  It personally took me 20 plus runs in order to get the two necessary Red-Bordered Tarnation Heavy Grenade Launcher weapons to drop.  Luckily, Hotfix was recently deployed which helped increase the drop rates of the Wellspring weapons.  Once you complete all of the quests on the Evidence Board, a new quest will appear: Report: Reverse-Lure.  At the completion of this rather short quest, you will receive the exotic glaive that corresponds to the class on which you completed the quest.  

The quest takes at most twenty minutes to complete.  It involves going to the Queen’s Bailey portion of the Savathun’s Throne World map, killing enemies that spawn upon placing an offering, and then traversing further into the map to kill Hive that drop Resonant Runes.  Once completed, you return to the Evidence Board and receive the Weapon Pattern to craft the exotic glaive.

Subsequent exotic glaives drop randomly from The Wellspring activity.  My advice is to multitask in this activity by using it to complete Savathun’s Throne World bounties, Gunsmith bounties, and working on Exotic Catalysts.  If you run this on Master Difficulty, which has a recommended power of 1580, you also have the chance to receive Ascendant Alloy, a rare Weapon Crafting material, as a reward for completion.  Matchmaking is not an option for this difficulty level, so I recommend using the Destiny 2 LFG Discord server to form a fireteam quickly.  At the time of writing, there is nothing confirmed about drop rates for the Glaive Patterns.  I will update this if more information becomes available.  

I hope that this guide has been helpful.  Be sure to reach out on Twitter with any questions, or send me a Bungie Friend Request so we can play together!  I also host a weekly podcast with my fireteam, Conqueror’s Corner, available on Spotify, iTunes, and other podcast services if you’d like to learn more.