How to Get Wukong in Warframe

Last Updated on October 17, 2022

Wukong has been around for quite long. His first appearance was in the Chinese build in 2015. However, he ranked low in the list of preferred Warframes. Reason? He was this dull character you wouldn’t want to think about. With subsequent updates came reworks, and Wukong slowly rose to fame to become one the most played characters in Warframes.

Wukong possesses beneficial martial-arts characteristics that you’ll find useful during missions. By the way, the Warframe is a replica of Sun Wukong (Monkey King), a legendary Mandarin mythical character. 

Just like Sun Wukong, this Warframe is both witty and brutal. He can cause massive damage to his enemies while miraculously surviving through blood-chilling missions. Thanks to his unique attributes, I’ll explain in detail in the subsequent sections. In addition, Wukong can be played solo. If you like, however, you’re free to summon your team. 

How to Get Wukong

Getting Wukong is a pretty straightforward procedure. You can buy him inside of the Orbiter for 275 Platinum. Alternatively, you can obtain Wukong’s components and the Blueprint from the Tenno Lab in the Dojo. If you don’t have a Clan Dojo, you can set it up or join an existing one. I prefer joining than setting up to circumvent the time-consuming research step of the process. 

If you opt to go the research way, you’ll require 11 Nitain Extract, which will demand 15 Nighwave credits. You can also rely on Reactor Sabotage caches or the Ghoul Purge and obtain some Nitain Extract. Although this option will save you credits, the chances of obtaining the reward are pretty low. So, caution will be essential here.

Wukong Building Requirements

Alongside the Blueprint, following are details of the necessary resources.

Wukong Blueprint

  • 25,000 Credits x 
  • 1 Wukong Neuroptics  
  • 1 Wukong Chassis                                 
  • 1 Wukong System
  • 1 Orokin Cell


  • 15,000 Credits
  • 2600 Polymer Bundle
  • 1400 Circuits
  • 1 Neural Sensor
  • 2 Nitain Extracts


  • 15,000 Credits
  • 900 Ferrite
  • 50 Rubedo
  • 4 Nitain Extracts
  • 1 Morphics


  • 15,000 Credits
  • 8000 Salvage
  • 4000 Plastids
  • 2 Argon Crystals
  • 2 Neurodes

Where to Find Wukong Resources

The above-mentioned resources are also readily available. Below is a breakdown of the exact farming locations:

  • Argon Crystal: Void
  • Circuits: Ceres, Venus, and Kuva Fortress
  • Plastids: Saturn, Pluto, Uranus, Eris, and Phobos
  • Polymer Bundle: Uranus, Mercury, and Venus, Uranus
  • Ferrite: Earth, Mercury, Void, and  Neptune
  • Neural Sensors: Kuva Fortress, Jupiter, and Europa
  • Rubedo: Earth, Pluto, Sedna, Void, Europa, and Phobos
  • Neurodes: Earth, Eris, Lua, and Deimos
  • Salvage: Mars, Jupiter, and Sedna
  • Morphics: Pluto, Mars, Mercury, and Europa

Once you’ve assembled everything, the building process can commence. Each component will take 12 hours, while the Warframe will require 72 hours.

Wukong Abilities

As mentioned earlier, Wukong is a darling of many Warframe enthusiasts. The main reasons are his unique and pretty effective abilities, as explained below.

Celestial Twin

Wukong can shed a part of himself to create a twin. The miniature version of Wukong accompanies Wukong and helps him to slay enemies. The Celestial Twin can melee if you attack an enemy at close range and lay down to cover fire if you pull the blade. Repeating the command causes the Twin to deal double damage on a target. Further, you can un-summon the Twin by holding down the ability.

Cloud Walker

Wukong can escape dangerous situations by turning himself into a mist. Aside from leaving his enemies dazed, the Cloud Walker helps heal both Wukong and his Twin. That often happens when Wukong is exiting the cloud form. Also, the longer the distance traveled, the greater the rejuvenation.

You can also employ this ability to initiate an attack. Perhaps the exciting part is using the Twin to deal damage while not receiving any damage himself since the Twin is often invulnerable in the Cloud form. Lastly, the Cloud Walker ability helps Wukong move through defenses without setting off alarms. This ability is useful in missions with lasers that can be triggered and draw attention.


Wukong is the immortal character in Warframe. The more damage he receives, the better since he can store and use it on his staff to pit enemies. You can rely on this ability to slay multiple enemies at a go. Defy also helps Wukong float around, allowing you to plan the next course of action. 

When Wukong exhausts his reserves, Defy comes to aid and grants him armor depending on the damage received. When the Twin comes on, he replicates the damage received by Wukong. Releasing the combined energy deals double damage and helps clear groups of enemies within no time.

Primal Fury

The Primal Fury attribute helps to summon Wukong’s exalted weapon (his staff). It’s useful during close combat attacks, whereby it delivers powerful slam attacks that leave enemies flying all over. This ability also helps in crowd control. Enemies coming too close to Wukong will receive irreparable damage from his staff. You’re free to summon the Celestial Twin and equip him with similar abilities in order to release devastating damage.

Wukong Prime

Although they feature similar attributes, Monkey King’s prime version often exhibits higher energy, shield and armor capacity, greater sprint speed, and more polarity. Unlike Wukong, building the prime version will require you to fetch the below Void relics.

Wukong Prime Blueprint

  • Meso W1
  • Lith W1
  • Lith W2
  • Axi W1
  • Axi W2

Wukong Prime Neuroptics

  • Neo I1
  • Neo T2
  • Neo Z7
  • Axi T4
  • Axi G2
  • Axi Z1
  • Lith D2

Wukong Prime Systems

  • Meso K2
  • Meso T4
  • Axi P3
  • Axi A11
  • Axi R3
  • Neo I2
  • Neo I2

Wukong Prime Chassis

  • Axi T6
  • Axi A10
  • Meso B4
  • Meso K3
  • Lith K3
  • Neo N13
  • Neo S12

Final Words

Wukong is this immortal Warframe who can be used during different game stages. His effectiveness often depends on your strategies. In other words, you’ll want to quickly decide the best ability to use in a specific mission. 

Nonetheless, it’s best to keep the Primal Fury ability active. Also, remember to leverage the rejuvenating power available in Wukong’s Cloud Walker ability. Overall, you can be sure to enjoy thrilling sessions whenever Wukong comes on.