How To Get Sevagoth in Warframe

Last Updated on October 17, 2022

Amidst all the fight and healing Warframe characters lies the lord of darkness in his ethereal presence. The Sevagoth Warframe is the ultimate death dealer and reaper, ready to shake down all mortal souls. 

As the specter of death inside Warframe, Sevagoth is an exemplary character who harnesses in-game inexorable mortality. Not forgetting, the Sevagoth has a reputation for next-level versatility thanks to its damage machine, the Death Well. In particular, the death well sees the Sevagoth summon his dark shadow to carry out his bidding. You can take control of foes, entrap them, and finish them off with it. 

Overall, such attributes make the Sevagoth Warframe an excellent pick to kill off foes with a signature death blow. 

Today, we look at how to get the Sevagoth build in Warframe to get you a headstart. 

How To Farm Sevagoth in Warframe

The Sevagoth Warframe needs a two-step process to unlock the Warframe character and its signature weapon, the Epitaph. 

This two-step process includes:

The Tempestarii Quest

Unlocking the Sevagoth blueprint begins with finishing the story and mission quest, the Call of the Tempestarii. 

This quest involves an action-packed mission to come across the ghost Raijack ship and Sevagoth. You also encounter a Corpus captain, Vala Glarios, who you had a grudge against after a past run-in. 

The mission sees Glarios sending players to seek the legendary Tempestarii vessel. Each play is a solo-only quest for players, with the mission expected to take an hour. After the hunt, you will meet Sevagoth’s shadow in the end while also receiving the main blueprint. Additionally, the Tempestarii Railjack Skin, Sevagoth’s Prex and Statuette Orbiter Decorations also come as a reward for completing this Tempestarii quest. 

However, the Sevagoth parts are obtained separately through Void Storms missions. Inside these missions, you get the Sevagoth components as rewards from the different proximas. 

Currently, the following Void fissures act as locations for the rewards.

  • Neptune Proxima (Neo fissures)
  • Veil Proxima(Axi fissures)
  • Pluto Proxima(Axi fissures) 

Remember that acquiring these Sevagoth components is a long-grind process with successful chances standing at 10% or less for collecting all blueprints. 

There are multiple Sevagoth blueprints necessary, each having component requirements. In your quest to fulfill all the blueprints, the components may come in handy. 

Sevagoth Neuroptics blueprint

The Neuroptic blueprints need you to farm 15,000 Credit, 1,200 Titanium, 2,750 Salvage, 750 Rubedo, and 6 Neural Sensors. 

Sevagoth Chassis

For the Chassis blueprint, Warframe needs 15,000 Credits, 3,300 Alloy Plate, 650 Cryptic, 8 Morphic, and 2 Nullstones. 

Sevagoth Systems

Each System blueprint is unlocked with 15,000 Credits, 2,950 Nano Spores, 250 Oxium, 15 Asterite, and 2 Argon Crystals. 

After successfully claiming the Sevagoth blueprints plus all the components, you will need additional elements to craft the frame. 

This means there are extra components necessary to finalize your Sevagoth build itself. These additional components include an extra 25,000 Credits and 3 Orokin Cells. Also, each Sevagoth form needs 72 hours to craft and come out as a finalized Warframe.

Unlocking the Epitaph 

You may also need to get Sevagoth’s signature weapon, the Epitaph. The side-piece firearm charges deadly shots, with a high damage chance and a dangerous punch-through capability. The Epitaph’s ability to damage opponents’ health alongside impacting their shields is even better. 

Each player needs the Epitaph to experience the capabilities of Sevagoth fully. However, like the main build, the Epitaph also features its blueprints obtained from Void Storm missions.

These Void Storm missions include:

  • Earth Proxima
  • Saturn Proxima
  • Venus Proxima

Remember, these blueprint quests will need to be repeated enough since the chances of being successful at once are slim. 

Once you get the Epitaph blueprints, you can proceed to get the final extra resources. Among these extra resources for that Epitaph build are another 20,000 Credits, plus 7 Orokin Cells. 

Is Sevagoth Hard To Get? 

Due to the unique build process, the Sevagoth build process is a tough Warframe act. Each blueprint(apart from the primary blueprint) plus its components have slim chances of getting the bonus rewards from Void Storm missions. In addition to slim drop chances(10%). Note that such bonus rewards are hard to get since each build process needs multiple tries. 

Wrapping Up 

The Sevagoth is a capable option dealing foes lots of damage alongside replenishing capabilities. Counting on the Epitaph, Death Well, and Exalted Shadow also adds the Sevagoth star points against opponents. So, get on board, collect the necessary resources, and start your Sevagoth build.