How to Get Valkyr in Warframe

Last Updated on October 17, 2022

Valkyr is a unique Warframe that is deadly and very fast. She can endure high damage levels and can withstand fights against many enemies. It is also one of the oldest Warframe versions, released around 2013. Acquiring this Warframe may be very easy if you have the right tips and guidance.  

How to Acquire Valkyr

Valkyr can be acquired by defeating Alad V and Zanuka, who you can fight in a mission known as Themisto, located on Jupiter. You will obtain one part of Valkyr anytime you defeat Alad V in any mission. Some of the Valkyr parts include Valkyr systems, Valkyr Chassis, and Valkyr Neuroptics. Each Valkyr component can be purchased for approximately 35,000 credits. You will part with about 300 platinum if you want to buy the whole Valkyr at once.

 Alan V

He is usually one of the Corpus bosses with enhanced defense capabilities such as an electric shield that can easily knock you back; thus, you should ensure a significant distance away from him. To defeat him, you need to launch magnetic damage, which will be against his shield. This will enable his shield to be easily depleted, this will affect its physical strength. To launch magnetic damage, you can incorporate weapons like Opticor or Battacor.


She is usually Alad V’s companion, and she can slow down your oncoming frost bomb. You must incorporate the Cold damage to regulate her movement by making it move slow. Weapons like Siber and Glaxion come in handy in the cold damage. You can proceed to fight with Alad V once you slow its movement.

Defeating Zanuka and Alad V

You must attack both enemies simultaneously to win this mission successfully. You should pose an attack to Alad V by utilizing a magnetic weapon, thus destroying its shield. You should avoid going to melee with Alad V since it can defeat you using its defense capabilities.

After damaging Alad V’s shield, Zanuka raises her shield and runs toward Alad in an attempt to protect him. This is the ideal time to attack her by using cold weapons. As you are doing this, Alad will start regenerating his shield strength.

You should continuously repeat this procedure to ensure that you ultimately kill Manuka. You can now focus on Alad V when Zanuka is completely dead.

Best Warframes to fight Zanuka and Alad V

Not all Warframes have the same capabilities and strength. To win this fight effectively, you need to use a Warframe with more abilities and strength. Some of the Warframes you can use include:


The Rhino roar feature can enhance the damaging effect on your enemies. The iron skin can soak the enemy’s power with ease. You will also have automatic immunity if your iron skin is active at the moment.


This Warframe is ideal for fighting due to its unique blaze artillery ability. With this Warframe, you can eliminate Zanuka from the fighting arena and be left with Alad V. you can also opt to attack both enemies at a close range.


Mesa is useful mainly in aiding magnetic damage. It also has enhanced fighting abilities in that it can fight both Zanuka and Alad V at the same time with ease.


It offers a highly protective shield that safeguards her from any damage type. This Warframe also can steal Alad V shields and also be invulnerable to any attacks of the enemy for approximately three seconds, thus enabling her to restore the broken parts of the shield.

 Crafting Valkyr

  To craft Valkyr, the following requirements are necessary:

 Valkyr Chassis

  • 15,000 credits
  • 50 Rubedo
  • 900 Ferrite
  • 1 Morphic

Valkyr Neuroptics

 500 Salvage

  • 15,000 credits
  • 200 Polymer Bundle
  • 1 Neural Sensor
  • 150 circuits

Valkyr Systems

 15,000 credits

  • 500 Salvage
  • 400 Plastids
  • 1 Control Module
  • 1 Morphic 

Valkyr Blueprint

 25,000 credits

  • 1 Orokin Cell
  • 1 Neuroptics
  • 1 Chassis
  • 1 Valkyr Systems

Valkyr Abilities

  • Warcry- This ability enables Valkyr to boost its shield ability while attacking enemies.
  • Rip Line- This ability enables Warframe to reposition itself and get out of danger quickly
  • Hysteria makes the Valkyr invulnerable, thus enhancing its attack ability.

Final Thought

Valkyr is one Warframe that will easily enable you to win in many missions. The above tips are essential when fighting with your enemies.