How to Get Wisp in Warframe

Last Updated on October 17, 2022

The Wisp is the 40th Warframe available in the game. She is the only Warframe that constantly floats above the ground since she has no feet. Wisp has unique abilities that enable you to reposition yourself and get ready to attack your enemies with ease. It will be easy to acquire the blueprints required and farm Wisp easily with the right tips.

How to Farm Wisp

 First, you need to acquire all the blueprints required. It would be best if you also defeated Ropalolyst, the new boss. The Ropalolyst is found around the reworked gas city, and when you defeat it, it will drop one of the wisp component pieces, which will act as a blueprint.

Finding and killing the Ropalolyst

Fighting with the Ropalolyst can be considered a mission occurring on the planet Jupiter. Tracing this fight is easy since you can easily choose the mission from the navigation pane in the main menu.

You should follow the route to the location of the boss and when you arrive at the checkpoint region, click on the start fight button to commence your mission. You should then light the three generators or pylons found near the arena edge. To achieve this, you should walk on the cables to the area around the pylon and then violently provoke the Ropalolyst until it commences firing. You should make sure that the pylon has been hit to charge it. You should do this with all the three pylons before you progress to the next step.

Once the pylons have been lit up, you should strip the shield of the Ropalolyst by using Amp. When the protection is already down, you can climb on the top by hitting the X. While you are in this position, forcing it to fly to one of the pylons will be easy.

Fighting it on the ground will be stress-free since you only need to target the weak spots. It would help if you continuously repeated stripping off the shield and attacking the weak point. The boss will get stunned if you have managed to strike all the weak points. To damage the boss severely, you will need to press the button which is around the central platform.

Once you have defeated the Ropalolyst, a massive energy charge may be fired by pressing a button on the platform. This will enable you to kill the boss completely. Always ensure you hit the button immediately the Ropalolyst is grounded. Once you are successful with this mission, you can now start crafting Wisp.

Crafting Wisp

When crafting Wisp, the following requirements are needed:

 Wisp Blueprint

  • 1 Neuroptics
  • One chassis
  • One system
  • Three orokin Cells
  • The average crafting time is 72 hours

 Wisp Chassis

  • 15,000 credits
  • 2,200 Polymer Bundle
  • 2 Tellurium
  • 300 Hexenon
  • 950 Plastids
  • The average crafting time is 12 hours

Wisp Neuroptics

  • 2750 alloy plates
  • 15,000 credits
  • 1 Argon crystal
  • 700 Oxium
  • 500 Hexenon
  • The crafting time is 12 hours

Wisp Systems

  • 10,000 Salvage
  • 950 Rubedo
  • 400 Hexenon
  • 15,000 Credits
  • 2 Nitin Extract
  • 15,000 credits
  • The average crafting time is 12 hours

Acquiring the Resources

 Each crafting stage needs unique resources gathered from different parts of the gameplay. Argon crystal is a drop acquired when you defeat the enemy on Void. You can either start a capture mission and search for the Argon crystal or kill enemies in an ongoing mission until they release the argon crystal drop.

 The Hexenon can be gained as a Disruption mode reward. The best way to get the Hexenon is to focus on an ongoing mission. The Nitin extract can be easily purchased for around 15 creds from the store. You can also get it as a reward from Ghoul Purge. The easiest way to gain tellurium is by defeating the enemies located in Kuva forests.

Wisp Abilities

 Beach surge- the Wisp releases surge sparks that enable you to defeat the enemy.

  • Passive phased- this is when Wisp gets invisible to the enemies while in the air.
  • ┬ĚSol Gate- the Wisp can irradiate the enemies via a devastating sun rays beam.
  • Wil-O-wisp- Wisp can produce a spectral image that distracts and confuses enemies.

 Final Thought

 Acquiring the Wisp Warframe is easy if you have the correct information. It will play a vital role in assisting you to win many missions in this game. The above are some tips on farming and acquiring the Wisp Warframe.