How to Get Banshee in Warframe

Last Updated on October 17, 2022

Warframe was released in 2013, and so was Banshee. She’s, therefore, among the oldest warframes in the game. Her name, Banshee, was borrowed from an Irish Mythology female spirit that wails loudly to signal imminent death in society. That explains her sound-themed attributes. 

However, Banshee was initially known as Decree, a name that’s still popular within the confines of Tennos. The truth is that the upgraded version isn’t as strong as the good ol’ Decree. However, you’ll find her useful since she features attributes you’ll not find in other Warframes.

For instance, she’s adorned with a significant spike on her left shoulder that serves as a customizable armor. If needed, you can always use it to fix damaged arm plates and obtain a symmetrical Warframe. Further, Banshee can be a perfect load-out option during missions. Banshee’s other remarkable abilities are outlined below:

Sonar power

Sonar power is best suited for stealth missions. It helps locate enemies on a map and also exposes their weak spots. Consequently, dealing damage becomes a straightforward task. In other words, sonar power delivers bonus damage to an enemy’s weak spots making it pretty useful.

However, sonar power diminishes relative to the number of enemies killed. Luckily, you can augment it with a Resonance card to reactivate the ability to 100%. That way, you’ll have a continuous supply of Sonar Power.


When activated, Silence creates a unique aura around Banshee that stuns enemies making them less responsive to Warframe attacks like gunfire. As a result, enemies can’t detect Banshee even when using overly loud weapons. Silence is an excellent weapon when undertaking stealth missions.

Activate Silence and watch Banshee perform highly lethal finishers. Also, you can increase the finisher damage by up to 300% when you augment Silence with Savage Silence. 

Sonic Boom

Although it’s not a famous ability, sonic excels at clearing enemies. When activated, Banshee sends out shockwaves (sonic boom) that push incapacitates and sends enemies flying all over the place. The idea here is to destabilize your enemies and make them easy to kill. 

Further, you can augment Sonic Boom with Sonic Fracture in order to decrease an enemy’s armor with each strike. If you ever find yourself in a tight situation, sonic will be your saving grace.

Sound Quake

Leverage Banshee’s most potent ability by activating Sound Quake. It’ll send ultrasonic vibrations to the environment, leaving your enemies toppling while also dealing blasting damage like no other. Due to its knockback features, Sound Quake will stagger lock enemies forcing them to submit. It’s, therefore, an excellent choice during defense missions. 

You’ll want to augment Sound Quake with Resonating Quake in order to consume more energy while also growing the area of effect. In addition, the combination delivers more powerful damage that’s helpful if you’re looking to slay multiple enemies with minimum effort.

How to Get Banshee in Warframe

You might be looking to obtain the primed version. Alternatively, your interest can be the standard Banshee. Either way, farming isn’t necessary. The hustle-free way of getting a Banshee is to buy it from the market for 225 platinum. 

You can also choose to join or create a clan dojo to access Banshees blueprints. You’ll want to join an existing clan since building one is often expensive and time-consuming. It’s easy to find a clan dojo by visiting the online Warframe community. You can also find them in the recruiting channels ingame.

Banshee’s main blueprint goes for 35k Credits. Meanwhile, you’ll part with 15K Credits to obtain her Chassis, Neuroptics, and Systems. Once you’ve assembled the resources, the building can commence in the Foundry.

Banshee Building Resources 

Here’s a breakdown of the resources required to build a Banshee. Remember to commit 72 hours to make the Warframe and 12 hours to work on the components.


  • 15K Credits
  • 1 Morphics
  • 50 Rubedo
  • 900 Ferrite


  • 15K Credits
  • 1 Neural Sensors
  • 150 Circuits
  • 500 Salvage
  • 200 Polymer Bundle


  • 15K Credits
  • 1 Morphics
  • 400 Plastids
  • 500 Salvage
  • 1 Control Module

How to Obtain Prime Banshee

The primed Banshee is currently vaulted. So, fetching the resources can be challenging. If you’re willing to put in the work, you can unlock the necessary parts from the below list of relics.

The Blueprint

  • Axi A12
  • Axi C3
  • Axi K3
  • Meso E5
  • Meso T2
  • Neo T1
  • Neo H1
  • Neo N7
  • Neo V7


  • Meso
  • Neo B2
  • Neo B1
  • Neo B6


  • Axi H5
  • Lith M
  • Lith V5
  • Lith B5
  • Meso S4
  • Neo K2
  • Neo S7


  • Axi B1
  • Axi B2
  • Lith K5
  • Neo B4
  • Neo B5


Banshee can be a great resource in different situations. However, the end result often depends on the building process. If built correctly, Banshee’s capabilities will amaze you.

Contrary to popular opinion, Banshee doesn’t need a buff. So, you’ll want to avoid that when building her.

Fetching the building resources can be challenging if you’re a new player. So, remain patient even as you continue playing in order to learn the ropes. Also, feel free to ask around for a slot in existing clans on social media platforms like Discord and Reddit. It’s way easier and will also save you time.