How To Get Vauban in Warframe 

Last Updated on October 17, 2022

As a gamer, it is always your aim to have a thrilling gaming experience. The Vauban Warframe is fun and has enhanced defense mechanisms, making it easy to defeat your competitors. Farming this Warframe requires unique tips that you will acquire by the end of this article.

Acquiring Vauban

You need to have Nightwave credits to be eligible to acquire some of the parts of Vauban Warframe. Finishing the Nightwave challenges will earn you some Nightwave credits. All successful missions completed will earn you 25 credits. You will also win 150 credits during the Nightwave intermission.

You can also contemplate purchasing the blueprints from the market for approximately 35,000 credits and start building Vauban. It will take you three days to build the whole Vauban Warframe. You will require to spend 12 hours building each component.

Nightwave Missions

They are pirate radio broadcasts that are hosted by the famous Nora Night. A series runs for a few weeks, and another new one gradually unfolds. You can win exclusive rewards by winning weekly and daily challenges.  

Nightwave rewards are won after every successful Nightwave series. You should ensure you complete the 30 tiers before the series culminates in being in a position to enjoy all the rewards. You will also unlock exclusive currency or cosmetics after every successful tier. Your tips may expire if a new series occurs, yet you are not through with the current series.

The following resources will be paramount when farming Vauban:


  • 3000 Rubedo
  • 15,000 Credits
  • 1000 Ferrite
  • 1 Morphic


  • 500 Rubedo
  • 150 Polymer Bundle
  • 1 Neural Sensor
  • 15,000 Credits
  • 150 Alloy plate


  • 220 plastids
  • 500 salvage
  • 15,000 credits
  • One control module
  • 1 Morphic

Ferrite is mainly found on earth, Orokin Void, or even Mercury. Alloy plates can easily be traced on Sedna or Venus planets. Some unique and rare resources, such as Rubedo, are present on earth, while the plastids and Polymer bundle are found in the Star chart.

Acquiring Vauban Prime

This is a prime version of the Vauban Warframe. It can be acquired by completing Orb Vallis, Plains of Eidolon, and Void missions. You should launch the Void mission from your navigation pane to launch the mission menu. After every successful mission, you will stand a chance of winning unvalued relics.

Some of the relics to be won include:

  • Neuroptics: it includes Nevo v3, Meso N2, and Nevo V5
  • Systems: Consists of Neo N2 and Lith V2
  • Chassis: It consists of Axi V1, Meso V4, Lith V4, and Neo V6
  • Blueprint: It consists of Neo V2 and Lith F2

Vauban Abilities

Mine Layer

Under the minelayer ability, you can choose any of the four options available:

  • Overdriver: This mine option will make Vauban latch on a nearby ally, enhancing their damage ability for sometime
  • Tether Coil: It enables Vauban to pull many enemies, making them immobile.
  • Vector Speed: It boosts Vauban’s speed in a specific direction indicated by the arrows. The enemy’s speed will also be affected by this boost.
  • Flechette Orb: Enables Vauban to fire nails in all directions, making it possible to damage any enemy that may be nearby.

Tesla Nervos

This ability enables Vauban to release a drone that rolls up to present enemies and attaches them to electrical damage; thus, they will become stunned immediately. This is one of the best abilities suitable for use in areas with many enemies.


This Vauban ability usually causes a region to experience a contaminated field that makes the enemies float on air and reduces their strength. This will give you a chance to attack your enemies with ease effectively.

Photon Strike

This ability makes it possible for Vauban to throw a beacon around a targeted region, and this will cause significant damage to the enemies present. The enemies will be knocked down and provide another photon strike attack chance. This ability is ideal for hitting and damaging enemies to enhance crowd control.

Final Thought

Vauban is a great Warframe for dealing with your enemies. You will be far ahead of your competitors when you acquire this magnificent Warframe. Ensure you combine several of its abilities to enhance the maximum performance of the Vauban.