How To Get Titania in Warframe

Last Updated on October 17, 2022

The Titania Warframe character is a deadly yet mischievous addition to a Warframe clan or squad. While other Warframes are highly outwardly intimidating, the pixie queen seems less aggressive in looks. However, this should not fool any Warframe opponent into undermining the capabilities of the fairy queen.

A look inside the Titania reveals more than what meets the eye. First, the Titania Warframe is famous for her entourage of bladed butterflies or fairies that cast foes to their doom. Additionally, the temptress also can restore health for allies and herself each time she launches an action.

With such capabilities, it is often no wonder why players keep asking for ways to get this mischievous fairy. Read on and discover how they get Titania in Warframe for free.

How To Farm Titania Warframe

The Titania Warframe offers two options for each player’s build process. You can choose to build your Titania Warframe in the following ways:

Purchasing A Titania Build

Instead of a longer in-game process, purchasing a complete Titania build is always a convenient option for players looking to get into the action. Currently, the Titania Warframe price stands at 275 Platinum for a full build straight from the market. Each Titania build allows players to craft their Warframe and start their use directly.

Completing the Silver Grove Quest

When looking for a free Titania build, the Silver Grove Quest is your best option for crafting this deadly pixie queen.

But even before embarking on the Silver Grove mission, Warframe requires you to complete the Second Dream quest within the Codex. After, you will also need to visit the New Loka through any relay available after the Second Dream quest.

Once in the New Loka, you are set to begin the quest by talking to Amarin(leader of New Loka). She reveals that the Grineer are looking to defile the land through the destruction of the Silver Grove. Henceforth, your goal would be to stop the Grineer, farm for resources, and unlock the Grove’s secrets.

During the quest, you will need to track and analyze different plant resources, which will help create the different Apothics. Synthesis scanners would be handy for this quest as they will allow you to get samples and analyze them for use in the Apothics.

As it stands, the different Apothics with different timelines you will need to create for this mission include:

Sunrise Apothic

Frostleaf – available on the Corpus Outpost tilesets on planet Venus. Primarily found in or near cliffs.

Sunlight Jadeleaf – available on Earth’s Grineer Forest tileset. Can be found during the day in water regions.

Vestan Moss – available on Grineer Asteroid tileset inside Mercury.

Nightfall Apothic

Sunlight Treshcones– available through Grineer Forest missions on Earth during daytime

Dusklight Sarracenia– available in swampy areas while on the Grineer Shipyards Missions in Ceres

Moonlight Dragonlilies- available during Grineer Forest missions on Earth during nighttime.

Twilight Apothic

Lunar Pitcher– available on Orokin’s Moon tilesets in Lua

Moonlight Jadeleaf– available on Grineer Forest missions on Earth during nighttime.

Ruk’s Claw– available on Mars’ Grineer Settlement tilesets.

Crafting A Titania

Once you finish the Silver Grove Quest, the next step is to merge the resources and build your Titania Warframe through the blueprints. Currently, the Titania blueprints need the following resources for each successful build.

Titania Neuroptics blueprint – requires 15,000 Credits, 1500 Alloy Plate, 2 Neurodes, 700 Circuits, and 2500 Polymer bundles.

Titania Chassis blueprint- requires 15,000 Credits, 3000 Ferrite, 900 Rubedo, 3 Nitain Extract, and one Tellurium.

Titania Systems blueprint– requires 15,000 Credits, 2200 Cryotics, 800 Plastids, 1 Control Module, and 1 Tellurium.

After successfully collecting the needed resources, each component takes 12 hours to build, with the builds coinciding. Once done, combine these blueprints to make the Titania Warframe within three days.

Is Titania A Good Warframe?

The Titania Warframe and its prime are one of the best characters at causing trouble for foes, protecting and defending allies. For example, she has crowd control capabilities that can disable enemies and provide partners a chance to attack. At the same time, Titania can summon her Razor-flies to wreak havoc without much effort. Not forgetting, the Warframe can also shrink, making her attacks easier.


The Titania is a great Warframe to help you fight opponents and unravel more in-game secrets. Fortunately, our Titania guide has made it easy to acquire this excellent character. So, get on board, obtain all the resources and make your Titania Warframe build.